USA Top Tier is suffering from the absence of premium IFV/SPAA unlike USSR


that doesnt do anything

There is no way it won’t do a good job

These proxy fuze people are really funny. As if it really makes any difference

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i’ve hit a ka 6 times with those proxies and it doesnt even do anything

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As much as I’d love a new IFV I think a new top SPAA is needed more atm. Adats just isn’t competitive anymore especially with the insane spawn cost. The missiles themselves are good but it has low res thermals and horrible vertical elevation, which makes target tracking a lot harder than some of its contemporaries. It’s not the worst top SPAA but is extremely lackluster.

Something is really needed that isn’t just another stinger bus. In a perfect world a new IFV and SPAA come in the same update, but I’d definitely take the SPAA first.

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The US has few options, you have,

The M1296 ICVD, Stryker Dragoon which is basically an M1128 with the Stretched Bushmaster II (XM813 30x173mm) in a remote weapons turret, and so is basically a modernized LAV-25, on the Stryker platform with an improved shell selection including; APFSDS and programmable HE (Mk310 PABM which is similar to already implemented AHEAD ammo).

The aforementioned XM813 Demonstrator (M3A4) which uses the same turret as the M1296, but on the chassis of a Bradley.

Other options include the LAV-25(M1047), various members of the Cadillac Gauge Commando line of Light Armored vehicles.

On the topic of Anti Air though there really isn’t much that doesn’t have a Stinger and has a mobile TEL(AR) form factor; best you could get would be one of the handful of options that mounts an Avenger turret (e.g. AN/TWQ-1 or Stryker MSL) with either the AIM-9X or AGM-114L or the trialed Starstreak configuration and assorted missile systems.

Or the IM-SHORAD Increment I which basically melds the capabilities of the LAV-AD & M247. Later the Increment III will probably include the replacement for the FIM-92 in future, as well as using dual purpose Proximity fused LW30 (30 * 113mm) shells, which is same caliber as the M230E1 as used by the AH-64 (and trialed on the AH-1F & AH-66) with similar performance but a much lower rate of fire.

Also there is some hope that the Stinger is properly modeled in future once both the following reports are actioned.

Implementing accurate limits for FIM-92 maneuverability.


(Photo)Contrast range extension for POST seeker FIM-92 var.


F-14A is free. BR 11.7, effective range 40km, unbeatable in dogfight (at 11.7).

F-16C is free. 560 SP and you got a perfect missile bus with 6 AMRAAM.

In a perfect world new US SPAA doesn’t exist.

Actual range for stinger UV is something like 1km or less and your target must be higher than you. Good weather, no mountains behind your target and etc.
It will be a HUGE debuff for a currently overpowered stinger

Did you even read the report?

The detected signal may be negative (a non-radiating target seen against a bright background) or positive (a radiating or reflecting target seen against a dark background). Preferably, The seeker will initially operate in the visual contrast mode until an adequate IR signal is available to home the missile.


Please explain how it could lock onto targets at 4.8km as per the provided primary source if the UV channel was preferred for performance reasons.

It seem that you DIDNT.
IR prefered, UV works until IR finds its target or when IR lost it.

It is established in the that the IR band detector of the POST seeker uses Argon cooled Lead Sulfide(PbS) and as such will have similar performance to other seekers that use the same materiel, such as the AIM-9D which has very limited All-Aspect performance, and so how is it supposed to reach 4.8km relying on the IR band?

In the game we got FIM-92E and FIM-92K , not FIM-92B (A POST)

And what seeker do they use?

The only time the seeker was further revised was with the RMP Block II, which replaced the POST seeker with the IIR FPA of the AIM-9X but it was only ever a prototype and was not type-classified and was canceled before entering service.

All the later variants did was swap out the NVRAM / ASIC for EEPROMs to allow for Countermeasures to be rapidly dealt with at the depot level instead of needing to be sent back to the manufacturer with the -92C, Aka the RMP (Reprogrammable Microprocessor).

The -92E (RMP Block I)simplifies some internals and minor changes to guidance properties for improved performance.

The -92J is basically a technical refresh of the subsystems to allow for continued production, and with the reduced volume includes a novel proximity fuse.

The -92K builds on the -92J by additionally integrating a SEAM like seeker slaving system which automates target tracking to some degree when provided external tracking data.

If those fighters had the same spawn cost as an SPAA with a cap load out that would be fine but currently that’s not the case. So until that happens a new SPAA is definitely needed.

I definitely think the Stryker would be a good option or ground launched AMRAAM platforms. Not the best still compared to other nations but definitely more competitive than the Adats.

Hopefully Stingers do get fixed at some point, I know you’ve done alot for bug reporting them and I’m hopeful they’ll be properly buffed someday. I just cannot stand stingers at 11.0-11.7 right now so new stinger platforms just seem largely redundant until fixes are made.