Update still not live on PS5 - despite being deployed to Xbox and PS4 users for over an hour

Wouldn’t even care if they gave a prompt update. Better not be like when Italian air was launched.

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Gajin still hasn’t responded yet about the PS5 update but tomorrow they won’t mind if you spend you hard earned $$ for premium time or something else. Come on this is unacceptable …!!!


Right I can drop $140 right now on both ships and even if i did i couldn’t play em anyway.


Same here, maybe @Smin1080p @Stona_WT have more informations about the issue, i mean, a bit delay is normal BUT NOT 5 HOURS


Leider geht es bei mir auch nicht… Das ist echt schade… hoffe sie bringen heute noch eine Lösung

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Hello guys

The update will be live later this evening on PS5.


Thank you!

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@Smin1080p sir do you work for Gaijin and if so, is there a specific time as to when the update will be available for PS5?

I took the day off work so i could play and its down on the ps5 Noooooooooooooòoooooo

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Hi Smin,

Like some others have mentioned on this thread, I have thousands of dollars invested in this game as well as active premium - some kind of compensation for PS5 users seems only just here.


Yeah bro facts
I’ve spend nearly 6k on this game they better not fuck around or I swear to god

Thats a lot of mulah$ and understandable. I got a couple hundred maybe cracking a thousand. I’m an engineer and father of a toddler but love playing the game so time is very valuable, and they say “It aint trickin if you got it!”

The problem is, the issue isnt on Gaijins end, Sony is just late

But why is it on PS4 and not PS5?

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Ask Sony…

Hopefully they will enable transferring accounts from Playstation to PC again so I won’t have to bother with this anymore.

Sir, could you please give a more exact time estimate for the update. A lot of players including myself have time heavy and $ put into a game and didnt even get an update on time? Some elaboration on what caused the delay may help quell the fire but some pretty peeved people here, and id agree that this is bogus. How long will the event be taking place as some time adjustment maybe be necessary for those of us who wont be able to play today because of this.

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My PS5 just downloaded the update 12:51 est

Not working for me

The game has been offline for the entire day holy shit, who are they paying to get this stuff to work?

So u r one of that ps5 players who play the ps4 version lol :D

Well done