We will see what triggers the spades icon now:)

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Because it has 200+ flares vs 12flares
(I think (idk))

Sad to see Type 81C go to 11.3 now. Why not just let the 81 C go to 11.7?
I guess the gaijin think the type 87 and type 93 can fight the 8km guided bomb and ATGM.


Me 163 is now higher in BR than Mig 15BIS
G.91 is now higher than Mig 15BIS
G.91 is now same BR as CL13
Me 262 can now fight Mig 15.

Gaijin doesn’t play their own game and it shows.

They singlehandedly killed one of the most fun and actually balanced lineups in the game.


very welcomed buff…still overtiered tho

so I wasn’t crazy


Womp Womp :(

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Fun yes. Balanced, debatable. But I agree, it’s big sad :(

But only one gun which is a massive disadvantage

I don’t think thet’s a problem 1 gun is still fine.

since you have that source, when will the hot-3 be given to the mephisto then?


The M18 isn’t even very well suited for the new meta developing in RB GFs nowadays.

With maps like Holland coming up and other maps being cut down by off-limits zones, the whole “flank with it!” pitch of the M18 has been watered down…its speed is of little value when it’s having to drive straight toward better armed and armored enemies like Panthers.

Having played both the M18 and the Panthers (especially the A), I would have to say the latter is better suited in WT nowadays. The Panthers’ armor/armament/mobility mixture is simply better for what we have and now there is no BR difference to contest the matter.


Well they turn it into A Wot clone sooner then later

first shrinking maps, now the new idea with stun effect
next we get increased fire chance etc
And soon you can buy something like “chocolate/tea/vodka” to increase crew stats by 10% for 1 game for 50 GE xD


where is the report of the veak, i realy want to see a reason why the he-vt was removed

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Funny how people result to same thing they would get told when shooting T series and not nuking it instantly.

“Bad shot, skill issue” kind of thing


Beer with sausages/Tea and biscuit/vodka with salo, rye bread and pickles/ Bud Light and cheeseburger.


VR Auto re-centering turret in 3rd person view still not fixed
Turret auto centering in VR error // Gaijin.net // Issues

STOP! don’t remove any NVD modifications from vehicles - so I will be able to disable flashing green screen on accidental NVD pressing, or add in-game option to disable NVD at daylight.


The one in the ussr tree can have flare pods like the ones on the UM3K

Right - so, with all those getting better missiles - when are you going to give the F-111 some AIM-9E’s at minimum as a choice if not the default? Seriously - the 105D has 9E’s and it was being pulled from service as the 111A’s were being tested/entering. To say nothing of 11.0 BR in AB with 9B’s is an absolute unfunny joke. Granted the 111A and 105D are over BR’d anyway.

why didn’t the r-60m add mig-23mld and mig-23ml?