Ground Vehicles

  • ZBD04A — a bug that caused a missing tandem warhead on the APS03 ATGM has been fixed.
  • Swingfire — a bug causing an abnormal high rate of fire for ATGM launchers has been fixed.
  • Black Night — incorrect sight magnification of 3x-10x has been corrected to 8x.


  • A bug that caused the rate of fire sound for ground vehicles to not change for other players when firing has been fixed


  • A bug in the Protection Analysis that caused some ammunition in-flight to have the wrong model has been fixed.
  • The ability to turn off markers of destroyed vehicles has been added to the Sensor View while in replay.
  • A bug in Air Realisitc Battles in missions for new players and “Front Line” missions which caused the fighters of one of the teams to not be able to choose a spawn point has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Could this have been the reason for Not able to spawn in on ONE SPECIFIC plane? (Air RB) ?

From 3-10x, to just 8x?
That’s so horrible.
I don’t have GB anywhere high but I do have T-72’s (A &B) with literally same magnification.
And playing a slow tank with no armour or it being unreliable (in sense that everyone never shoots it and gows for weakspots) without any survivability to add with and with no good option for sights is just plain horrible.

They just mean the commander sight is now 8x. Gunner optic is still 4x-10x.


Naval gun breeches are unrepairable, anyone else?

@Stona_WT , are the devs aware of numerous issues with naval like modules that have been repaired turning red on their own roughly a second later?


Why did the AN/APG-59 found on the F-4J(USA/UK), F-4S, and the British Phantoms lose the minimum/max missile range indicator on their radar?

This seems extremely odd, since even the F-4C, F-4E, F-5E, and F-8E have that feature in their radars. Was this intended?

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Loving the feature that creates random hills that only show up for you. It was fun and engaging to get shot through them by an enemy I couldn’t see

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That sounds like the Nvidia bug from a couple of weeks back. I thought they had sorted that one out.

to be fair this is from last night so probably not related to this particular update

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Ah, than it’s not that big and horrible change, phew