• A bug has been fixed that caused the gunner’s camera to tremble with stabilisation enabled.
  • A bug has been fixed where while selecting a weapon preset without drop tanks, the fuel level remained the same as with drop tanks equipped.
  • A bug has been fixed that resulted in the reduction and shift of the allowed ATGM launch frame after depleting all available missiles.
  • Harrier GR.7 with AGM-65D missiles — incorrect operation of the crosshair has been fixed, this bug caused the crosshair to reset to the standard position while enabling the sight stabilisation.
  • F-14A Early, Tornado (all versions), MiG-23, MiG-27, Su-17, Su-22 — a bug has been fixed that resulted in the lock on reset while changing wing sweep.
  • Mirage 2000-5F — a bug has been fixed, where in the 2xR530D and 2xMagic 2 preset, the R530D missile was unable to fire at a locked target with the report “No self-homing missiles”.
  • F-14B — a bug has been fixed in the radar TWS mode, that preserves the lock on target until the middle of the scanning sector, which then reset.
  • F-14B — a bug has been fixed that prevented radar homing missile fire at radar acquired targets (report).
  • F-14A Early — a bug has been fixed where the values of the attitude indicator in the radar were different from the actual pitch of the aircraft .
  • Fokker D.XXI-3, Fokker D.XXI - a bug has been fixed where a tail detachment resulted in massive damage to the aircraft’s fuselage.
  • SU-22UM3K - a bug has been fixed where OFAB-250Sh bombs interfered with the pylon.
  • MiG-29 - a bug has been fixed where the 6xFAB-500Sh bomb preset was unable to be copied (report)
  • Jaguar Gr.1 - a bug has been fixed where the 8x1000lbs Mk.13 No.117 bomb preset was unable to be copied (report).
  • XA-38 - separate bomb drop has been added.
  • F-104S.ASA - a bug has been fixed where the range was reset while toggling radar modes.
  • Yak-141 and MiG-29 - the inverted inclination indicator in the HUD has been fixed.
  • Mirage 2000-5F - a bug has been fixed that prevented missile launch at a radar locked AI target.
  • Tornado IDS - a bug has been fixed that prevented locking onto an aircraft carrier.
  • F-4J Phantom II, F-4S Phantom II - incorrect (reduced) radar range has been fixed.

Ground vehicles

  • A bug has been fixed that might disable free FPE in online battles.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused mud from tracks to stay in the air.
  • A bug has been fixed where TVD was unable to detect enemy vehicles at distances of up to 300 metres while the engine smoke generating system was active.
  • The incorrect animation of AP rounds in the protection analysis menu has been fixed.
  • Recon Micro — a bug has been fixed that caused the UAV to climb high while toggling from flying in orbit mode back to tank view.
  • Khrizantema-S — incorrect radar folding animation has been fixed.
  • The incorrect animation of AP rounds in the protection analysis menu has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed that resulted in possible penetration in the protection analysis menu when selecting a projectile with insufficient penetration capability.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused the camera to zoom below ground on flipped over ground vehicles.
  • A bug has been fixed that causes APHE rounds to do damage after the fuse is armed in the armour after penetrating through obstacles (side skirts, tracks, etc).
  • A bug has been fixed that caused the RWS indicator to be active on vehicles without such a module.


  • Paris — auxiliary calibre shell types have been changed from Mle 1910 SAPBC to common SAP, and the Mle 1921 common SAP to SAPBC.
  • HMS Tiger — a bug has been fixed that resulted in the fire control system disabling after damage to the navigation bridge.
  • Vautour — data values of the torpedoes in the x-ray mode have been fixed.
  • Vautour — spare charges for the side mortars have been hidden in x-ray mode.
  • Emile Bertin — velocity of the OEA Mle 1937 HE round has been increased from 860 to 909 m\sec.
  • Colbert — armouring data of the main turrets has been added to the data card of the ship.
  • A bug has been fixed where some ships with a catapult might sink due to lurching after launching the scout plane.

Missions and locations

  • Pradesh — A bug that caused the airfield air defence to appear on the runway has been fixed.


  • Air strike request notification now only sounds when the player presses the corresponding button.


  • A bug that made it possible to see tank silhouettes through smoke screens when using some NVIDIA filters has been fixed (report).
  • A bug that caused armoured vehicles partially in smoke might disappear from visibility has been fixed.
  • Su-25 - FPS drop when automatically dropping empty S-250 containers after ammo firing has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the display of shadows of already destroyed objects has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused artefacts to appear in naval vessels’ reflections in water on low, medium and high graphic settings when moving the camera sideways has been fixed.
  • Low polygonal display of aircraft crew in the X-Ray view in the spectator mode has been fixed.


  • A bug when calculating the vehicle BR for the battle blocked vehicles have also been taken into account has been fixed (report).
  • A bug where in the control settings, instead of binding the axis to the joystick the binding of the axis to the mouse was shown has been fixed.
  • A bug where the names of shells were displayed incorrectly in the block for selecting shells in battle in the vehicle selection window has been fixed.
  • A bug where in the armour analysis the ability to select the shells of some types couldn’t be seen as available has been fixed.
  • Lack of localization in the control help window for the helicopter has been fixed.
  • Missing friend request notification if friend request have been sent while the invited player was already logged out has been fixed.


  • A bug that made it impossible to join a cross-platform game has been fixed (report).
  • A bug that made it impossible to play with users of other platforms in squads with the cross-platform game setting turned off has been fixed.


  • A bug that caused mouse aiming to stop working when the chat window was active has been fixed.


  • Fixed sky reprojection in Pimax
  • A bug that led to incorrect stereoscopic displaying of the sky has been fixed.
  • Binocular position of atmospheric effects on the horizon that made it difficult to form a single volumetric visual image has been fixed.
  • A bug that might cause the client to crash when launching the game in VR has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


When sounds fixing , after the recent minor patch related to them sound distance is broken again as well as sound mixing ( allies make nore noise than enemies and light tanks are stealth ) it’s annoying playing tanks without being able to plan because you don’t hear stuff properly. Also invisible tanks in the smoke was not the right fix for nvidia filters since now you don’t see tanks you should see cause they disappear near the smoke :)

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Can you please fix MIG 27 not being able to lock ground targets with laser missiles. There is a bug report.


And please, please, please, can you fix the lock fail when pressing the lock (missile) button? Can’t know how many time I died trying to start my missile seeker!

Smoke shells continues broken!!!

Ditto, do you have high ping? I never hear from any of my friends who play from low ping about this but myself and all my other aussie mates report the same

I have bad network for sure. Something about 80ping I think (on another game, here I can’t check because I’m on console)

Anyway, I have to spam the lock/fire button to get it finnaly working. I loose so much time and die in head on a lot…

Yeah here in Australia the best ping is SA and that’s 150 ping at best. EU is 350 and USA is 270. have to spam the lock button for it to spool, it flashes once or twice then just stops. by then you overshot and dead or lost your chance.

edit: we seem to universally have issues with radar not locking too and some missiles refusing to track targets flying even in a straight line eg. red tops

This is exactly what happened to me. We need a fix…

been years for me so not holding my breath mate

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Because they literally dont care about us Aussies. They couldnt care less if we are forced to play with such a high ping. There have been countless calls for Australian servers again but they wont do it.

Australian servers wouldnt help. The SA server use to be closer and gave us an 80 minimum ping yet there wasn never any players on it. Its rare to ever get battles on the SA server. We just dont have the player base here to support it sadly.

I’d say the Australian player base is larger now than back when we did have servers. afaik the game is getting more popular lately.

Yeah it might be but its probably never going to be vig enough. You need enough players remembering there a 30+ battle ratings, arcade, rb and sim plus choppers, ec, air assult etc. Further diluted by air, ground, naval 24 hours a day. You need a lot of players in a rwgion to support a server and the forst asian server didnt have enough. An australian server which would give pur ping to a majority of the player base will never be joined by them. Its the hard truth of gaming in aus

See, I dont think that matters as much. There have been much smaller and much larger games released that can still justify Australian servers. Seems someone didnt like what i said and this got flagged. Laughable.

Most games dont devide the player base over so many factors. I only ever heard it was due to the player base/population it moved.

I have noticed for the (Soviet) IS-2 No. 321, IS-2 (1944) and Chinese counterparts, you are not able to place decorations on the side of the turret when the screens are not placed. I know you can disable the protection screens if not equipped but it should not apply for the IS-2 No.321 since it does not have this as a modification. Further more to the IS-2 (1944) and Chinese Counterparts if the screens are not applied. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Latest patch causing multiple crashes in one day, unlike before where it would crash once a month.

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Mirage 2000 are broken since your maj…

Still have the Bug. Plane Mode (Arcade planes or Realistic Ground ) When the screen changes from flying the plane to map mode or because I have been killed , the game crash. Without crash report ! Simply game dies instantly ! Only program/game I have any problems . And it is only in the moment of the change . grafic drivers are the newest.