Unjustly Banned from War Thunder

If you didn’t enable two-factor security on your account, there is a possibility that someone else gained access to it.

As everyone else said: womp womp

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That doesn’t mean we’re useless, as you claimed above. It just means we are in no position to say anything about this. We’re responsible mainly for chat related issues. As volunteers, we’re not authorized to handle issues that tackles game accounts and permanent game bans.

If a player got his account banned, something must have been done with that account that warrants a ban. The best recommandation is to a) do not anything that is forbidden (duh…) and b) use 2-step authorization to prevent others getting a chance to take control over and abuse your account.


I touched the fire, and watched a random replay xD

can you help with my username ban pls?

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They might view something you use as cheats even if you don’t.
Do you have ANY third party program that interacts with the game in ANY way?

There have been instances of people using programs to make the game look better (colour, style, sounds, etc.) which is against TOS because they have no way of telling if that program was used to make spotting enemies easier or just make the grass look nicer.

and if you have contacted support and they say that you are still banned even after looking at it manually there is sadly nothing you can do. They cant divulge more info because if they give info to an actual cheater then they find out how the cheat was detected and are then able to hide it better.

me too , l was banned cause of username just 1 h before

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The only mod i’ve ever used is one i installed 4 years ago that changed the voices of the pilot to girls und panzer and the mod never really disappeared even after many update

You want to share your story? What story? Where?

But if you have contacted support and gotten an answer then it has been manually checked and deemed to break TOS in some way big enough to warrant upholding the ban.

and as others have pointed out, if you don’t have 2FA on then there is a risk of someone else using your account and cheating on it. and there is probably (at least to my knowledge) no way of proving that.

I agree after contacting 5 of them not a single managed to respond normally in past 2 days. Got banned for my nickname changed it and got answer that is inappropiate from 1 of them does it look like this one is inappropiate?

I’m not a GM, but your name does look like someone who has not hit maturity yet trying to get a curse word in their name.


There is zero curse in my name this name is from old days when i was a child when i got this surname in yard friends how do you call it how in america some people gets their random surnames thats my one it does not have any wrong in any dictionary as a bad word its just some random fiction name. I got banned with other nickname prob some people got offended by it.

If you gonna write Liofka in google you will find alot of my social media accounts lol there is no wrong with this one name.

Like i said im not a gm and im not associated with Gaijin in any way, you asked my opinion and i gave it.

But your answer did not made sense it’s like saying some Russian as example named himself Vova because his name is Vasilyev or something like that or American or European being Alexander named himself Alex.

It made sense to me.

Thank you for understanding me now!

Guys, we really cannot help you with your in game bans (whatever they are) in public discussion.

Once again please re-read this post:

All is there.