United Korea Ground Forces Tech Tree

like what? without delving into more copy-paste vehicles, I believe I have around >90-95% of indigenous tanks of these two nations. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I can look into adding them :)


At least 1 sub-variant was seen with smaller crates:
M1975 6

Plus there are already plenty of vehicles with similar features in game. It just means you play it a little differently, that’s all.

There are 5 quite saturated lines? It has 75 vehicles, excluding premiums. That’s more than Israel, China, even France, and two of those start at Rank 1!


K1E1, M24, KM423, KM424, K-55(A1), M113 (M167), Hyundai Rotem N-WAV etc.

M113 with M167 Valcan(no radar)



K1E1 is practically identical to the K1 but sure, it could be foldered I guess. Don’t see the purpose when there’s already the ROKIT and K1 though. Maybe better APFSDS, I’ll look into it.

M24 is copy paste, but could be okay for a reserve vehicle.

KM423/424, sure, they’re interesting.

K55 is just an M109. Copy-paste, and considering the number of SPGs (and vehicles in general) already at 6.3/6.7 I don’t see the need. But I can add it anyway.

M113 with M167 would just be a worse M163 that I guess could go at 7.3 if it has no radar.

N-WAV is already in the tree. Rank 7, line 4, after the K-153C and K21 (105).

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The Korean military did not operate the M26. And since PV-1 was a road test vehicle, it was equipped with a mock turret. And the actual name of Biho (2018) in 10.0 is Biho-Hybrid.

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There are no images but there are a number of sources that suggest they did.

Here’s an extract from a book by Paik Sun-yup (군과 나), where he mentions the M46 as well as the ‘Pershing’ (the M26)

I know, I mentioned it in the description for the vehicle.

Will change that soon.

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K-311 (Shingung)

Other than General Paik Sun-yup’s book, there is no data to prove Korea’s possession of the M26. Moreover, since the M26 and M46 look almost the same, we cannot rule out the possibility that he confused the two.


Except he specifically says M46 and Patton, which implies he knew there were 2 separate designs. I don’t find it unlikely that they received them, even if they were never actually used in service (like the M56). It could also be confusion, sure. I might remove it when I update the post with new vehicles then.

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Personally, no.
I don’t think that less asymmetric gameplay should be introduced, it was already really bad when China released and you could just play China and get pretty good things from the Soviets and the Americans in one tree. It would be another step towards “everything in every tree” and de-emphasizing asymmetric gameplay, as it would be Eastern Bloc and Western Nation tech together, a-la China currently.
I would much rather see North Korea added as a subtree to China, and South Korea as a standalone tree, a combined East Asian tree, or at worst a Japan subtree. I say worst, but reasonably I think that’s currently where it would fit best for gameplay, especially if SK starts at the early Cold War.
North Korean vehicles are a mix of Soviet and Chinese tech, and it would fit really well in the Chinese tree.
South Korea, on the other hand, is kind of ambiguous as to where it would go if split. It honestly could Israel-style stand on its own, or it could be a Japan subtree (unpopular, but best spot for it in the current game), or it could be the start of a NATO-aligned East Asian tree.


Yes definitely a + from me.

Don’t see a problem with it since PRC+RoC are also in one Tree.

When it comes to ‘Copy+Paste’ theres worse Nations, Korea has quite a lot of cool Stuff and they are also turning into a global arms manufacturer at the moment so theres huge future potential, many european Countries starting to buy South Korean Equipment as well.

And i don’t see a problem with ‘Copy+Paste’ for this Nations, it might appear as just Copy+Paste for others but for that Nation the Vehicles have their own History in their ranks like China using a lot of USSR/USA Equipment during WW2/Civil War for them its maybe not just copy+paste and they can still get unique camouflages / decals making them more distinct


Also from Northern Korea : M1989 170mm SPG ‘Koksan’



It was also used during the Iran-Iraq War

M1978 Variant


Don’t know if you already got the M1978 and M1989 Koksan in them because you got two with the same Name but its not the Koksan SPG from what i can see

Also found this one
South Korean ‘Redback’



Already got both :) Didn’t add the M1978 because it only carries 2 rounds of ammunition, as opposed to the M1989’s 12

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One question

Has South Korea ever equip any ATGM’s or Recoilless rifles on their KM900 (South Korean built Fiat 6614’s)


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This would be my preferred choice for the implementation of the two Koreas in-game. I’ve seen some suggest North Korea as a sub-tree of China, but I disagree, I feel it could have the most potential in tandem with South Korea.

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Can we really claim this game is ww2 focused anymore? Last patch we had 1 ww2 vehicle

Besides that South Korea would be entirely post war vehicles so why not japan?

Edit: yes I’m aware that Korea suffered greatly during the sino-japanese war and several atrocities were committed against its people, but what little pre-korean war vehicles that could be added would mostly be soviet vehicles anyway and would belong with the north korean vehicles in the chinese tree

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K1E2 (P)



New Vehicles:

  • K105A1 – BR 4.7
  • K55 – BR 6.3
  • K55A1 – BR 6.7, foldered with K55
  • KM424 – BR 6.7, foldered with M56
  • M113 (M167) – BR 7.3
  • 8x8 122mm APC – BR 8.3.
  • KM423 – BR 8.7
  • K1E1 – BR 10.3, foldered with K1
  • K1E2 (P) – BR 11.0

Renamed Vehicles:

  • K30 Biho (2018) –> K30 Biho-Hybrid
  • KAFV (25) –> K200 (25mm)

Changed BRs:

  • T-80U (Squadron) – 11.3 → 11.0 (no 3BM46, no thermal sights)

Thanks @T50B_BlackEagles for some of the vehicle suggestions and sources!


Remember, there’s nothing wrong with Copy and Paste when used to fill BR gaps or prevent too many of the same type of vehicle from overwhelming the tree, I.e. SPH. Not saying that’s it in this case, but don’t shy away of a few if it could provide smoother transitions.

I think this is a good way to add both nations. Good job on tree once again.