Underperforming Spike-LR2s

The KF-41 uses the Spike-LR II ATGM witch is an upgraded Spike-LR with a new and improved tandem warhead that increases the penetration of the ATGM by 30%.
Since the Spike-MR wich is mounted on the Freccia has a penetration of 700mm, and the LRs are just a longer range variant, this would mean that the armour penetration of the LR II should be around 900mm and not 700mm like it is now.
This is proven in an official paper from RAFAEL, the manufacturer of said Missile, see here.


The same “30%” increased penetration is also in these two blogs here and here. It should also get a increased range of 5.5km vs the 2.5km range of the Spike-MR seen here.

Also increase the amount of spikes the Lynx can carry, 2 is way too little to have any effect in game especially when the Spike misses. No other (high tier) IFV with ATGMs is capped at 2 ATGMs. Begle gets 6, M3A3 12, BMP-2M 8, ZT3A2 12, Type 89 4, AFT09 12 why limit the Lynx.

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