ULQ on max settings / UHQ textures not working -------> 50/50 chance fix

This is with max settings, hi-res packs on the PC.

This is from 1 year ago and now on a different computer on medium settings.

Verifying files does not work.
Reinstalling does not work.
Changing graphic settings to minimum to prompt restart and then repeating restart by changing to max settings does not work.
Deleting and changing the config file does not work.

Both computers have the game running on 980 Pro.

This has been happening approximately 2 months ago, where the game turned into looking like ULQ despite settings on maximum.

To my knowledge, nobody but one person I know has the same issue.


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July, same settings. Looks fine.

Here is September with same settings.

Why is my PC forced into playing ULQ when everything is at max?

in your config file. delete everything inside cache.