UK's Mig-21 Bison discussion

New footage added to the report: [DEV] Mig-21 Bison missing 2x R-77’s / 4x R-73’s

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idk if anyone has used this image in a bug report but here is a bison with an r73 mounded on an inner pylon

already did. check link in the comment above yours

yeah i just looked lol

The SU-39 and SU-25TM are different, they were equipped with different fire control systems.

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Su-39 is exhibition name for Su-25TM. And every Su-25TM built differs to each other at some degree.

The SU-39 is a later designation of the SU-25TM fitted with the Kopyo, the SU-25TM at the time was more of a placeholder name.

The main difference was the SUO-39P fitted on the T-8TM4 which assisted with the guidance of the R-77.

It would be comparable to calling the MiG-35 the MiG-29M2 due to that being its previous designation.

Su-25TM was called for export Su-39 the same way Yak-41M was called Yak-141 the same way Su-27M was called Su-35.
And MiG-35 never was called MiG-29M2. It’s just first MiG-35 demonstrator (MiG-35D) was built from MiG-29M2.

“Используя оставшийся производственный задел от Су-25УБ, завод выпустил предсерийный самолёт Т8ТМ-3, который совершил первый полёт 15 августа 1995 года. С этого же года машина получила новое официальное название — Су-39

“Using the remaining production backlog from the Su-25UB, the plant produced the pre-production T8TM-3 aircraft, which made its first flight on August 15, 1995. From the same year, the vehicle received a new official name - Su-39” - ISBN 5-901668-01-4