Ukraine to Japan yes or no

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bro ukranian tanks are just russian and soviet tanks there’s no point in adding them except for the Oplot


Are you high?


Ukrainian vehicles would be fine in the Japanese tree in the form of serviced vehicles by South-Eastern Asian countries.

Ukraine itself should not be a sub-tree for Japan though.


Not going to happen according to Gaijin

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I don’t think Ukraine going to Japan would make any sense. Apart from the obvious lack of connection between the nations, there is the issue of the current political situation, making the nation as a whole a very much controversial addition.

But some Ukrainian vehicles can be introduced to the Japanese tree through nations that do make sense, such as Thailand for example. This way these vehicles can support the Japanese tree, and a selection of Ukrainian vehicles can enter the game while avoiding the general controversy.


…Why would Ukraine go to Japan? Where is the connection there?

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Its basically the Turkey treatment. Turkish vehicles can be found on different nations.

I see April 1st going great

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Ah fk, its april the 1st. Shoudlve figured.

Grats @BlusteryBark6 ,you got me.

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Shhh don’t tell them that

Damn it, looking back at it I completely forgot too…

Well played @BlusteryBark6

Dont let bro cook again 😭


I completely forgot that! Mf got me good.

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And another one

Keep going I’m finely having fun again playing warthunder

Uhm, no.

Its saying something about posts on this forum that you can read such take on 1st of April and think its serious.