Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

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Apparently when Gaijin needs to add Ukraine Tier ranks ?
Maybe a hope when we will to do something better than anyone does in forum post.

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Ukraine should be added without the NATO stuff from the current war. That probably would be the best option for everyone


One way or another western equipment make up a substantial part of Ukrainian armed forces and will serve many years to come after the war.

Ukraine defenetly isn’t going to be added any time soon, especially with active war going on right now.

Imo western equipment should be on the tree, the combination with Ukrainian developments such as Bulat, Yatagan, Oplot and others will defenetly give a tree special flavour.


Without the NATO stuff, WHICH IS UKRAINE’S NOW, it would just be a sidegraded USSR tree, which I don’t think anyone would want. Ukraine deserves to have every single vehicle they have irl, inc NATO vehicles. And anyone who doesn’t like it… can just not play it ;P

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and with both its just copy paste

The second photo, as far as I know, is a montage.

Has the T-72AG been included in any tech-tree proposals beyond “honourable mentions”?
100 were purchased by Georgia in the periods of 2004-2006 atleast, from KMDB in Ukraine.

With 2nd(?) Gen Thermals, either the 6TD-1 of 1000Hp or the 6TD-2 of 1200HP (up to 26HP/Tonne), the familiar Kombat Gun-launched ATGMs, Duplet ERA and Varta Optotronic Countermeasure system (Shtora-1), maybe even an upgraded transmission, this tank is as capable as any other in the tech-tree.

I’ll look into it as it’s a cool tank but for usage, I haven’t found any source other than Army Guide stating it was used by Georgia and other nations.


Why are you downplaying the Ukrainian vehicles? It wouldn’t be a sidegraded USSR at all. They don’t own all the vehicles they have from NATO and I can understand why someone would be opposed to having a Swedish, US and German top tier vehicles in one tree.

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Something spicy and inflammatory lol

According to open sources, the UN-Georgia bought from Ukraine in 2005-2008…
91 tanks-T-72AV/T-72B/T-72B1.
Turkmenistan has similar T-72UMG


New Ukrainian Franken-IMV/IFV dropped :

Captured Tigr IMV with captured BTR-82A turret.

(undergoing maintenance/repair)


I had gotten excited about him, but it turned out to be fake.

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