UK Harrier GR.7 Air SB BR. 11.0 => 12.0, AV-8B plus 11.7 = > 12.0

Plane got AIM-9M missile with insane IRCCM have full no smoke engine, in ASB it’s undetected unflareble missile 95% to kill. full OP in sb



Might be moving up, but I doubt Gr7 would be 12. Sub-sonic, and no radar. There is a reason why it was 11.7 in RB and 11 in SB. It would be slaughtered by 12/12.3s. Not even the Tornado F3 is at 12 in SB.

AV-8B might be a little higher because of having radar, but not by that much.

It got 9Ms because the 9Ls weren’t good enough for its BR and overall performance and probably needed a BR decrease without them. 9Ms arent going to be that OP, they are a WIP, so probably will be nerfed.

Besides, if getting 9Ms = 12+ for a subsonic attacker, does that mean the Su-25/Su-39 with R-73s is also moving up to 12+?

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Harrier GR.7 should now be on 12.0 BR in all mods due to the fact that it got aim-9m

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fully agree

Su-25T/39 have worsts fly performance, and R-73 not so op like 9M now

and? Still IRCCM all-aspect missile. Flight performance of the Gr7 isnt that good, basically the same top speed and will still usually loose in a turn fight vs any 11.7-12.3 fighter. Both built for CAS not air superiority. 9Ms are a WIP, So are R-73s. I fully expect R-73s to be buffed and 9Ms nerfed. Think about how massively nerfed 9Ls got shortly after being added.

Unfair to punish one jet but not the other because of a new missile its recieved. Gr7 was only at 11.7 because it was good when added, between new additions like the F-16s, Mig-29, Pantsir, etc and the Aim-9L nerfs have changed that. should have been moved down to 11.3 in RB and 10.7 in SB months ago. 9Ms just bump it back up again.

Won’t be moving to 12, in either gamemode. Especially not in SB with no radar. AV-8B could be a little higher, Radar = IFF, so you can fire with more confidence at longer ranges, but the smokeless thing is totally irrelevant for the Gr7 because you have to get within visual range to VID. If you’ve not seen a Gr7 do that, then it doesnt matter 9L or 9M. You are probably going down.


Haven’t flown gr7 in sb but if the radar is like sea harrier (no iff) I agree completely with u, will still be garbage plane.

Gr7 has no radar, full stop. TIALD pod is half decent though for IFF once you get use to it. Though FRS1 is getting a shiny new radar with IFF in the next update. Gr7 can be fun in SB, I actually dont mind fighting with no radar, but does take a lot of energy and you need to play it right, usually hitting PvE targets and going for PvP only when advantagous. Though new RWR is going to have a bigger impact than Aim-9M in my opinion