Type 4 Chi-To Prototype I

If you have sources saying yes, then yes.

I’m more just pointing out how the actual in-game gear ratios cannot be accurate in the Chi-He all the way up to the Chi-Ri.

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Yes, if tank have high and low ratios in transmission it gets double gears in game. So 4 forward, 1 reverse will become 8 forward and 2 reverse.

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Copied this from the old forum.

5.7 cm tank gun

  • 57mm tank gun for New Medium Tank (Ko). Apparently new Medium Tank (Ko) means Chi-To.
  • Project complete: March 1945

Page 8


Really nice write-up to you and @Tasty95215 !

I think this would be a quite interesting addition. Japan deserves to have a more fleshed out low-tier and mid-tier. Some may say that more modern vehicles are needed, but many players still play lower ranks (even out of preference). Plus, many other nations like German and USSR have a lot of low-tier tanks that seem redundant, but are still welcome in the tree.

I believe this is the armor penetration from the old suggestion.

Also, unless I’m wrong, was the old prototype turret riveted?


Thanks. Unfortunately i believe Tasty95215 already gave up on WT which is a shame because he was the one that had better knowledge on Japanese ww2 guns and ammunition way more than i do. So right now all i can do is to peserve his works before the old forum gets deleted along with all suggestions and sources.

The prototype turret is more or less the same one you find on the Ho-i, which is a welded turret with some riveted parts. The Ho-i gun mount is designed to be mounted both a Type 99 75mm and the experimental 57mm tank gun.
Tank building method changed to welding starting from the Type 1 Chi-He.

But yes, this tank could be a Japanese KV-1 where its 75mm of armor will be more effective at lower BR than at 4.7 but with limited firepower. Should be a fun tank to put into the Chi-Nu lineup.
I have both TKX and Type 10 unlocked but i still enjoy low and mid tier better thus i put alot of effort resuggesting WW2 tanks which we haven’t got any for a very long time.


Excellent! It’s quite sad he gave up, the Japanese WT playerbase is definitelly one of the smallest, but the amount of work we do to get sources and do research speaks for itself.

I also do some research on WW2 era-early Cold war Japanese tanks and aircraft, do you know of any master threads where we can compile links to suggestions, sources, documentation, etc.? If not, I think we should make one

For the starter here, he listed all the missing japanese shells

i can’t say i remember anything but there are probably more links in the old-forum if you digging from there…

Or here is my old general discussion thread. Many things were uploaded there


Could you please send the name of source/the pdf file with it?

Here you go. Too bad it’s missing many pages.