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Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai, Medium Tank, Japan, Rank 3

With the considerable time expected for the development and deployment of Type 4 medium tanks, modifications were made to the existing Type 3 medium tanks along the conventional production line. The goal was to enhance their performance and narrow the performance gap with allied tanks.

These upgraded models were equipped with the Type 5 75mm tank gun, originally derived from the Type 4 75mm anti-aircraft gun, as mounted on Type 4 and Type 5 medium tanks to further strengthening their offensive capability. Additionally, plans were also made for additional armor reinforcement.

Although production was intended for units numbered 211 and beyond, the war ended before they could be mass-manufactured.
Two proposed methods for installing the Type 5 tank gun on the Chi-Nu involved either mounting the same turret designed for the Chi-To equipped with a Type 5 tank gun or fitting the gun directly onto the turret of the conventional Chi-Nu.

A successful test took place on March 19, 1945, at Irako Shooting Range, involving the installation of the turret of the Type 4 medium tank Chi-To onto the chassis of the Type 3 medium tank Chi-Nu.
The operation proceeded smoothly, and the test results were satisfactory. It was eventually decided that the Type 5 gun was to be installed onto the Chi-Nu turret, modifications were made in the same month to adapt the carriage of the Type 5 75mm tank gun for mounting on the turret of the Chi-Nu [This is the Chi-Nu II we have in the game].

Fun fact: these two tanks never officially received names, but the Chi-Nu Kai earned its popularity through its introduction to World of Tanks (WoT). On the other hand, Gaijin’s rendition of the Chi-Nu II also gained fame, becoming a common reference among tank enthusiasts. In Japan, these tanks are often referred to as the Chi-Nu with a long barrel.

The primary distinction between the Chi-Nu Kai and the Chi-Nu II lies in the significantly larger turret (in width). However, this enlargement comes with added defensive capabilities, boasting frontal armor measuring 75mm, side armor at 50mm, rear armor also at 50mm, and a roof armor of 20mm.

In exchange for this enhanced protection, the Chi-Nu Kai is expected to carry a slightly heavier weight than the Chi-Nu II, resulting in a marginal reduction in overall mobility.

General specifications: (Based on Chi-Nu and Chi-To in the game).

  • Hull Armor: 50/25/25

  • Turret Armor: 75/50/50

  • Crew: 5 (Gunner, Loader, Commander, Driver & Radio Operator).

  • Mass: Unknow. Estimated somewhere around over 20 ton∼. (Chi-Nu is 18.8t & Chi-Nu II is 19.8t).

  • Engine: Regulated Type 100, Air-cooled 4-stroke V12 Diesel Engine 240 HP.

  • Max Forward Speed: 39 km/h

  • Max Reverse Speed: 7.3 km/h

  • Main Armament: Type 5 75mm Tank Gun Type II Model II (Ammo: 34)

  • Secondary Armament: 2x Type 97 7.7mm Heavy Tank Machine Gun (Ammo: 4000)

  • Ammunition:
    Type 1 APHE
    Type 4 Kou APHE
    Type 90 HE

Additional images


三式中戦車 - Wikipedia
Type 3 Chi-Nu II
SENSHA: [WT] Type3 Chi-Nu II

All credit goes to @Tasty95215 for the sources and original suggestion !

Chi-Nu Kai: Top-Heavy Tank - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum


Absolutely. Looks so stupid and honestly should have been a premium with the Chi-Nu II being tech tree. Oh well. Vice versa works as well.


+1 i love this one! And more World War 2 tanks is always a good thing for Japan!


A definite yes.




Any pic of it?

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I would already have posted it if i have any.

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so basically you want paper tank in game

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The thing was built. We know what it looks like, more or less. We just don’t have a picture at this time.


They have twice refused me suggestions on vehicles because there are no photos of them. Something doesn’t add up.

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In what of the desription did it say this is a paper tank ? Apparently a tank without no pictures are automatically a paper vehicle now ? The source literally stated the test was conducted in 1945.


Yes, there is no actual proofs of that tank, only blueprints. And, in the end, this tank is copy of another tank. Why do we need him?

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Well, i’m not a moderator so i can’t give you the answer.

What vehicles were you suggested though ? Because despite the Chi-Nu kai is lacking of photograps which is typical for late war Japanese tanks that are built in secrecy and the evidence of their existence tend to be destroyed after the surrender but it has its own testing records and is not denied as a existed vehicle by the Japanese source.


Neither did the Chi-Nu II, it also have no photographs and yet we had it for many years ?

Which is the tank already in the game is this a copy of ? Can you please point me out of that vehicle ? Because as far as i’m aware there is no chi-nu with the chi-to turret in the game.


Chi nu 2.

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Did you read the description i added in the suggestion ? The Chi-Nu II kept its original turret and did NOT using the cast turret of the Type 4.

Additionally the Chi-Nu II is a premium vehicle that costs GE, this suggestion is made for a tech tree version that is free to research. And as i said, there is no 4.3 medium tank beside the premium Chi-Nu II which makes Chi-Nu Kai an ideal tank to fill the gap unless you have something else in ur mind ?


In reality of game this changes nothing. You basically want same chi nu 2 but in techtree.

Decrease br for japanese tanks. That’s all.


Why would it change nothing ? It is literally mean that people don’t have to spend GE for the Chi-Nu II anymore or even if they already did then they could have a proper lineup of two tanks in the same BR, instead of relying on 3.3 or 4.7 tanks ?

The Japanese tanks are indeed overtiered, but you are basically saying this tech tree don’t need a new tank, all it needs is to decrease their BRs ? While that is also needed, but you are still adding nothing new to the tech tree and you will just end up playing the same old tanks over and over again.

While the German or Soviet got different variants of PZ IV or T-34 that are basically the same, Somehow this is not good for Japan when we want variety ?

This is the same kind of vehicle like the M4/T26 and even though this tank using the same turret and hull that already existed in the game, i still considered it as a new tank and unique in its own way.

Beside if you don’t like the tank, you will not be forced to research it. This is a suggestion for Japanese main veterans that enjoy lower ranks and wish to have a proper 4.3 lineup. There is nothing to lose.
And if someone thinks that this tank will only slowing the research then they probably have never played japan to begin with because Japan has been in the game for 8 years now and most people should already got passed rank 3 if not already finished the whole tree by now…


This guy legit has something against Japan lol My guy, this tank will help a lot with the line up to compete at 4.3 preferably. So far we only have 1 F2P 4.3 vehicle which is a SPAAG and 1 GE 4.3 Chi-Nu II which a number of players probably won’t have if they are grinding Japan. This tank will allow players to have a 4.3 line up started with the SPAAG to avoid brining 3.3Br Chi-Nu as our back up support tank when finally unlocking Chi-To series at 4.7.


Japan really needs more love, this prototype should be useful enough to fill gaps, at 4.3 it would be great so those whom have the Chi Nu 2 premium for example have 4 ish vehicles to use instead of just 3.

Those without would also appreciate it so they don’t really need to spend any Cash in this game.