Type 10 Prototype?

We already have a Type 10 prototype named TKX, which I think is Prototype No.3. This one I believe is also the No.3 but was in the earlier turret configuration.


Cheap and simple attempt to mollify Japanese mains upset that the only addition so far this patch was a coastal vessel.
Take the proto no.3 because it’s already modeled as the TK-X and requires no resources, strip all the external bits off, take the good shell away and bam, new vehicle.

Similar thing happened for the Arietes AMV, they took the base Ariete without even changing the hull textures, stripped doodads and gizmos off it, changed the engine HP and bam, new tank.

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They couldn’t even change the headlights to the square type, seen on Phase IV protos.

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I for one would rather see them change the TKX than the new tank. The new turret model actually seems nice while the old is inaccurate anyways. They could fix it while doing some slight remodelling to make TKX the Prototype 2 for example. Two birds with one stone.

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I honestly hate this version of the TK-X, especially how both side of the turret is not the same, it is seriously ugly and i rather have those things that attached to the side of turret removed entirely.

Secondly, if there should be another prototype added, it should NOT be the same prototype we already have ! There are three other prototypes that were revealed to the public !
The one that should be easiest to make would be the forth vehicle because it is based on the third prototype (The TK-X we have in the game) but tested with mine roller so the frontal hull shape is different, it is angular like Type 10 instead of the flat middle plate which is a design only found on that one prototype and mass-production type with dozer blade.

Prototype no. 4. I really wish this was the one we are getting completed with everything attached to it, not half naked configuration -.-

Talking of production Type 10, why are Gaijin so obssesed with prototypes ? The production version also has its own version with a dozer blade ? I don’t understand their approach…