Twitch Mods Out Of Control

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So they where celebrating.
You decided to try to rain on their parade.
They banned you.

And now you are mad?

Perhaps you should try to send good vibes into the world.



sry but I couldn’t resist … even if you are right with your statement in the chat. Why on earth slaming this in their face? Do you hope for a “oh yes … you are right … man we gotta leave!” or “thank you for changing my attitude”?
The greed is strong in WT … even the greed for attention.


you tried be a downer debby and got hit back like let people have fun

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Yet the funny thing is when the economy changed and BR was potentially gonna happen people got massively annoyed I’ve never really seen the WT community that strongly together and we won and it led to a development road which they show off. Aside from that Marketplace skins are made by players, sound mods, custom sights, user skins, flame textures, etc are often made by the community some vehicle textures and models were made by the community and are in game.

Trying to say Gaijin is greedy implies they would not be willing to do any of this. Yet it shows that there even aware of their limit of greed and when it needs to be backtracked. Not defending Gaijin just stating a simple fact from the 6 and a half years playing this game.

Yeah, you are right. You get what you give.

GJN only did something because the player base put a gun to their head and started hurting them in the only place they care about - their profit margin. It took ten years of neglect for the community to finally snap, so not a bad cost of doing business for GJN. They probably anticipate being able to get away with their usual practices for a few years now, off the good faith they “earned” with the roadmap.

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Userskins, community-made stuff, and marketplace things were not forced. Userskins existed long before the marketplace. So you are in the wrong on that part, the “gun to the head part” was when Gaijin was forced to give a road development of what is to come or what was being developed. Which is something I don’t need to explain since we know the story. Also yes you right on the save their face, but almost all companies, indies, double AAs, triples, and quad A’s do that. Quad and Triple A’s though do it for pure publicity. Double A’s which Gaijin would qualify are a middle ground it’s both to save face but there is some truth in their statements. It does not mean there innocent by any means since they have made a ton of poor decisions from the past to the present day.

Sorry wait, you’re giving credit to GJN for letting users use custom skin mods? Which GJN then puts in crates and then charges for to make money off? Yeah they are saints for allowing that, lmfao.

My ‘gun to the head’ comment was obviously directed at the ‘review bomb’, which is the only time in 4 years that I’ve seen GJN actually cave to player demands.

I’m giving them credit where it is due also Custom skins aren’t mods. Another thing marketplace skins are user skins players request to be added to the game the money you pay for a marketplace skin goes to the creator, not Gaijin. This means people are making things out of passion and get paid for it. It does not mean I agree with crates, I’ll only give credit where it is due as I stated earlier.

I thought GJN takes a cut from every transaction made on the marketplace?

For Marketplace userskins they do not to my knowledge but for everything else they do.