Turms iii

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truly the list of all times

Lots of positives, buy it now

one would think by now you would have learned to stop complaining about the turms III, after multiple of your old threads already got deleted for spam

Edit not off topic, i am talking about turms 3

If you think the TURMS III is too strong I would suggest making a thread asking for its nerf.

The TURMS III is an excellent premium you should buy it.

ah yes because that is definitly your opinion and multiple other threads from you didnt get already deleted TURM III is not 8.7 but the AMX-30 is TURMS III Death Make note TURMS III or in other words how I learned the sin of greed

I don’t understand why you think the TURMS III is a bad premium. Its features are quite excellent for its BR range and given its speed you can cap and snag 3+ kills and be on to your next match quite quickly which helps with RP / Hour.

It’s a very good vehicle, I recommend you buy it.

i never said it is bad, you are the one that constantly spammed the forums about the vehicle, this just seems to be your newest weirdest attempt

You keep bringing this up. Why do you feel that it should be nerfed?

I just came here and my braincells already left


seems you went completly bonkers now


??? what

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Can you stop? you are spamming threats like this for no reason. Because yopu are wrong

If you’re a new player and interested in grinding Germany I would recommend buying the TURMS III it’s a fantastic light tank that excels even after you’re done grinding the tree.

Nah 10.3 in ger, not interested

would be all nice if you were honest, just everybody knows you are not

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You entered this thread and continued to suggest the TURMS III should be nerfed but you’re not saying as to why you feel it’s necessary. I don’t know why you’re refusing to explain your position.

there u go again saying it should be nerfed, you truly never change


What, where?

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