Turm III on wrong battle rating

it’s light tank one shot kill but your enmys was very powerful. and you give po*p on the coment “it has 5 second reload and 30 mm auto canan”

yeah, a perfect flanking vehicle, which you dont seem to be doing, flank them disable guns then go for the kill, thats the playstyle you need to be doing, not shoot frontaly at the enemy

yeah your right. it is in theory. but this may not be the case in real life. all i want to say is that damn it’s not 8.3 for nothing but i play on 9.3 most of the time. it needs a solution. If you are playing on 9.3, you should at least upgrade to 9.3 and modify it.

bad luck and or stupid matchmaker, that has nothing to do with the Turms III

it is the case thats literaly how you play every autocannon vehicle and works great

I mean, outside of the reliability issues of APDS and HEAT-FS its mostly fine. Ive slung plenty of APDS in my time at the T-72A right through the driver weakspot

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