Transfer of console-created accounts now available

Amen to that)

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Well finally I requested a password and everything is ok.
I didn’t receive any support notifications on my email
thanks to the team for the transfer

i did read it but did not understand it that well. so you keep everything so ladder progress and premium account cause i still have 300 days premium

Yes. Everything is written in the instructions.


so if i transfer my xbox account to a pc account everything will stay

Keep in mind:

  1. You will no longer be able to access the original PlayStation account on PC version, or link an e-mail as a login.

  2. You will be able to access the account on the console version of the game, but it will be separate from your transferred account on PC.

  3. Golden Eagles balance won’t be transferred. So it is advised that to spend any Golden Eagles left on the original PlayStation account before initiating the the transfer.

  4. Golden Eagles, included in PlayStation Store packs, are not transferred. Only vehicles will be transferred (with the exception of PlayStation Store A-26 Invader).

  5. All “market” inventory items, such as unused vehicle and skin coupons and trophies, will remain on the original account. If you want to keep the content provided by those items on new PC account, you have to consume them before transfer. But boosters, wagers, orders, discount coupons etc will be transferred to new account.

  6. Your controls settings will be reset. Save your controls presets into a file while in PC version with your existing account, so you can import them later with a new one:control_preset.jpg

  7. All vehicle presets will not transfer to new account, the following article will help you recreate them: How to use Vehicle Presets

  8. The transferred account won’t be a part of any squadron, and, if you are already a member of some squadron, it will be necessary to leave it, but after transfer you can join the squadron again.

  9. Squadron vehicles research will be saved on a new account except for the last 3 days. To continue research, you will have to join squadron again.

  10. The linked e-mail will be used as the transferred account’s login. You can find it at the User Profile page on the website of the game: User Profile.

  11. Friends list will be reset, you will have to repopulate it.

  12. It’s a one-time, one-way offer. It is not possible to link the accounts back again.

yeah im still waiting ticket was opened February 27, 2024 19:54

just got my response 9 hours ago, good luck to all

Hope the transfer is fast. I’m on a 23 day wait now.

my account is still frozen due to the transfer, but it took me about 35 day until they told me i was next to transfer. hopefully itll be quicker for you

if i don’t receive updates to support tickets or forum posts in my email how will i know that it is complete? i only receive receipts for purchases.

Will there be a email sent in a different way?

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You can check it in your ticket on the support website

47 days since last reply to me

tried logging in to the support website and it forced me to make a new password. now i have a new account and don’t have access to my old tickets. if i have the new account is it safe to start playing or should i wait for support to give the thumbs up?

30 days… Hope my turn comes soon

Hello, from what I see it is normal to wait to unlink the PS account, I made the request 20 days ago and I still have no more news than the message confirmation. It’s a little desperate.

So I started my transfer request on February 26. I’ve already received a response about “being forwarded to the relevant specialist” and I haven’t had an update still to this day and it’s getting close to two month’s.

Haven’t heard of anyone else having to wait about a month let alone 2 months in my case. I’ve already checked my emails and checked my account to make sure everything is correct and ready for the transfer when possible but 2 months is getting tiresome of waiting.

I’m happy to see this message!

I still with the account frozen. I guess no War Thunder today =/