Transfer of console-created accounts now available (suspended)

I didn’t finish it so I’m now in the second or third month after the freeze

just received the unlink done message, exacly 24h later of the freeze. process completed in 47 days. if you are not banned i would suggest you to password reset the account.

I can’t reset my password because my gaijin pass is blocked

What should I do in this situation?

I’ve been waiting for 106 days frozen for months

create a ticket for this gaijin pass issue

Do you have pictures that can give me a little bit of information about the completion? Does gaijin send you an E-mail?

ops Looks like I might finish transferring my account tomorrow

it’s a reply by the store team to the unlinking ticket, simple as that, i also get an email notifying me of the replies to the tickets but that’s just my notification settings

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Yes, your request was unfortunately stuck in the queue and wasn’t processed on time. Sorry about that and thanks for reporting.

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Alright making progress.
So from now on, what I buy from the Gaijin website will 100% work after this, right? Reason why I am going from PS4 to PC (aka Gaijin account) is because my PS4 broke yesrs ago and I already transitioned to PC, but wanted to come back to WT since I last played back in 2018.

Also is it normal that when I reply to them it turned my case from pending to open again? I mean how else would I say that I’m ready?

Is it still posible to request the transfer because they say its suspended since may

And also your account can be frozen for a long time if you play it very often maybe overthink it once

No it is not. You can make a support ticket, but they’ll most likely just say it’s not available rn. Sorry about it

I’d be very interested to know the number of people that asked to be transferred.