Transfer of console-created accounts now available (suspended)


Only thing PS users lose is the exclusive bomber plane, which sucks but its not the worst thing in the world. Its non exclusive version is identical, just the PS version can equip rockets which doesn’t sound terribly useful imo.

Im still in the clear?

Day 64 getting frustrated

If you submitted your request before May 13th then yes

does it depend on the region that other people get it transferred faster? Because some people have been waiting for months and a few have been waiting less time and it goes faster

I guess it depends on how much they’re buying

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Tomorrow will be my third month of waiting (the third 30 days).

It depends on readiness of the account. A lot of people don’t read the requirements and are instructed to leave the squadron/spend the GE etc., each of those steps puts them at the end of the line. Likewise if they create duplicate tickets with questions without waiting for answer from support team.

Is it still in the thousands?