Top Tier Starting Missile Loadouts

I’m still rather confused as to how all the Soviet 12.3 jets starting missile loadout is a pair of R-73s yet other countries jets such as the F-16C/D and now F-15A/J are stuck with a pair of AIM-9Ls to begin with instead of the R-73s counterpart in the AIM-9M.

It wouldn’t make a huge difference in balance to change as the new “advantage” would only be very temporary, but it would make a huge difference in how easy it is to play these jets as soon as they are unlocked.

If the number of modules that need to be researched for each jet being imbalanced is an issue then just combine modification for the R-27R and R-27T into one and it becomes “fair” again.

I just don’t see how it is fair that because the Soviets have a better variety of missile that means their jets come out of the box with more advanced missile as well.


It makes no sense as to why these aircraft get he 9L stock, it should be 9Ms on all of the 12.0+ NATO aircraft stock.

But this is gaijin, the chance of this occurring is slim to none at best.

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It’s cause R-73’s are the replacement for R-60’s.

I’m confused by this statement. It’s the same thing that the Ms are the replacement for the Ls.

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There more like a supplement, as the L’s are much better than R-60’s.

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I mean, the R60s are much better close range. Ls are good for longer range sure, but the 60s are better in a furball. From my experience anyways.

Except we’ve gotten answers from the devs that they considered the 9L much better than the R-60.

I disagree with devs on a lot of things, and considering the posts constantly appearing on these forums and ingame… I am pretty sure the community doesn’t take their word as law.

once upon a time near the 9Ls introduction, I would’ve agreed that its much better than the r-60. they’re not much different today though

its wild how the su27 gets the r73 stock and as a tier 1 missile mod

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9L is literally better at everything, flare ignoring, range, and now after recent changes it starts maneuverinh only 0.05 seconds after R-60.

Actually, Until they fix the spaghetti code. I dont mind.

Take the Harrier Gr7 (only thing i’ve got with Ls and Ms)

Stock you start with 2x Aim-9Ls and then you add 2 more via a mod. In weapon selection, this results in 2x2 Aim-9Ls, which is really really annoying. The Aim-9M mod is 4x Aim-9M and so in weapon selection its 4 Aim-9Ms.

Assuming that tracks with the new aircraft and hasnt been fixed. Then with Aim-9Ls stock will result in that annoying bug, but once you get Aim-9M. No more bug. Meanwhile soviets have to deal with it still. There are certainly areas in which stock grinds need to be improved (Stock Skyflash for the Tornado ADV or Small bombs for the Jagaurs for example) but in this instance. Its not too bad in my opinion, Just gunna make the first few matches rather rough

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when strictly speaking of 1v1, or even 2v2s it doesn’t seem that bad to use the 9L vs r73

the issue is how its a 16v16 furball shitflinging contest where matches are decided by who has the most missiles and how easy they’re to use, so even 8-10 su27 with what, 6 r73 with an innately better flight performance than the f15 throwing much better missiles are gonna make anything that isnt russian (or japanese, waiting to see how they turn out in game) is gonna suffer, even more so when you consider the su27 will have large calibre countermeasures, they wont even need to turn AB off to flare that missile lol

Ah… Britain main here. So im use to avoiding the furballs anyway. On top of that, I play SB, again even less 16 v 16 furballs.

Though I think trying to balance stock aircraft vs spaded aircraft is a somewhat futile endeavour. Perhaps what is actually needed is a different approach to stock aircraft. Perhaps giving them a reduced BR (not by much) for the first few matches after purchasing or something. Just to make it easier

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still, this is only the 1st dev, if what i saw over on the f15 thread then the f15 is slated to get some big adjustments to its FM, so i’m just gonna keep (mostly :) ) quiet till then

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I’m not talking about giving the SU-27 the R-60 as default, I’m saying the F-15 should get the AIM-9M as default

I agree that the R-60 isn’t good enough but the AIM-9L also isn’t good enough for 12.3 now that there is such an abundance of flares for aircraft at that BR

How is anyone supposed to kill anything with an AIM-9L when most aircraft have 90+ CMs and some have upwards of 250?

If the starting missile can’t get kills then the aircraft becomes significantly harder to grind and so unless we want people grinding out multiple levels of modifications on ground targets and AI, the basic missile needs to be at least competent.


If this was just the F-15 I’d probably agree but the F-16C/D is also stuck with the AIM-9L to start with.

It’s starting to become a pattern