Top tier decompression urgently needed

Starting with tanks, the compression is kind of insane, HOW are tanks STILL 11.7???

We are getting another Abrams with an armor package and yet another Russian MBT covered in very strong ERA. It really is time to catch up with plane Battle Ratings and also remove HEAT-FS because it’s outrageous at this point

As for Air RB the Su-27 has a ridiculously powerful set of weapons and I don’t think 12.7 would even be enough, because what can an F-14A or EJ Kai do against it? Let alone 11.3s…

The thing can carry 10 of the best IR and Radar missiles in the game and the F-14A doesn’t even get all aspect IR missiles. And it only gets 60 countermeasures which really is not enough at this point, coupled with having really hot engines. And the EJ Kai just can’t keep up in terms of flight performance…

And not just the Su-27 or F-15, other planes also gotta move up to decompress a bit


11.0-11.3 aircraft are already getting sucked into 12.0-12.3 black hole 90% of the time. The situation will be even worse with more capable aircraft added to the top tier bracket. Imagine fighting against su-27s and F-15s as a 11.3 phantom or mig-23. I don’t know how gaijin still sees this plausible.