Top tier america

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It is not a nerf. It is a bug that is affecting all heat based air-ground weapons. But agm65s are getting a buff next update which is nice to see


its hardly the point of the post. Here’s the match I just had after making this post attempting to use the m1128 even used a backup but there is literally 1 or 2 spots on each map where the thing is useful.

Soon ruskies will get their autoloader modelled so more chance of failure on top of having one of the slowest reload time at top tier. Usually if you have to repair then just die since can’t reverse lol technically a buff for NATO’s.


Until the average US player is not someone buying into top tier, the win rates will not be the best. Sometimes i feel like gaijin could make the entire front of an abrams 2,000mm and their win rates would maybe hit 50%

US got that 5sec reload buff which hase been great for me personally.

Gaijin could stop adding red zones to map which would help but there is only so much they can do.


I mean if you’re gonna buy your way into top tier at least get the M1, Wolfpack and a CAS to go with it that’s what I did for US because I couldn’t be bothered doing another rank 6 tt grind. In saying that I bought the A10 and for some reason it got it’s BR raised when it can’t even kill anymore but it gets bullied by strelas and 2s6 outside of its own range. Most battles I can’t even get close because I need to turn back to avoid 2S6 missiles.

M1 is a phenomenal machine but that’s about it the Stryker is borderline useless in the meta you might get 1 kill then die because there’s literally no good spots to use it. M3A3 is an absolute joke and you need to go into your settings and change your gun sights everytime you use it or the TOWs eat dirt. LAV-AD is not the best at shooting down aircraft the stinger barely locks

Yeah. Ok the U.S is shit (in GRB) but please can yall stop. Its getting annoying. Just cope with it. Nothing will most likely change. U.S main btw


It’s a plus, but I still feel like the 2S38 is going to eat your darts and immediately make you regret ever even thinking about playing US

Nah man the voices need to be heard. I had a better time with France 9.7 than I do now at 10.3 US. Look at that losing streak notice how switching to Russia broke it😂😂 same tier btw

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If you are buying US cas at the tier, just get the a6e. It is the best cas at that br range.

As for the stingers, yeah. All ir sams havw this weird issue where if you try to lock a target outside of the lock range, it will still not lock once the target gets into lock range.

I learned my lesson the hard way with the A-10A as a GAU-8 fanatic lol. And to be honest I find it baffling how the Frogfoot is so much more durable than the Warthog meanwhile the Russian Strela and 2S6 are leagues above every other SPAA in that tier

I wouldnt exactly say the su25 is durable. I have been playing it a lot for the event and there have only been a few times where i took a hit and was fine. Most cases, the su 25 “eating” a missile is the plane not exploding but having so much damage that it either cant do any attacking or cant return to base.

Been a while since i used the 2s6. But for the strella, it is one of the better ones. I really want to test the israeli chaparral as i think it is better. Main draw back of the strella is the cloudy weather that most games have. Clouds cut its optical lock range really short. The ir lock is easy to flare at least.

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you seem to be doing as well as with your french 9.7 you have overall pretty similar performance with them, just slightly lower win rate,

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And 9.7 is vacuumed into 10.3-10.7 95% of the time so what does that tell you? If I can manage better stats in a 9.7 lineup in 10.3 games than a 10.3 lineup in 10.3 games there’s something off

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I don’t find the strela easy to flare at all to be honest. I used that for a long time I grinded out Russian rank 8 with only one premium and for the strela as long as you get a lock and launch that target is dead they ignore flares way more than other IR missiles that I’ve used.

As for the Su-25 I use the 10.0 tt one in ground RB and I’ve always managed to make it to the fight except for a few times, and make multiple passes over the battlefield. I also find it can tank a missile and still fly fine more often than you’d think. Going from the A-10 to the Frogfoot is a very noticeable difference in durability I mean in the Warthog I’m very lucky to make it to maverick range, any closer I’m getting shredded by 2S38s but I also get shut out by 2S6 or Strela way more often than other SPAA so much so that I hardly know other nations SPAA by name

even 9.7 doesnt get anywhere close to 95% of up tiers, and you also have pretty similar stats with your russian 10.0/3s…

To be fair they were my first, so I learned top tier gameplay in those 10.0/10.3 Russian tanks. Most of my games in the T80B and T80U were years ago too. I can tell you confidently that 9.7 gets uptier to 10.3 at the very least 75% of the time and I’d be willing to do a tally on it out of 20 games.

Also how are you checking my stats? And what was the point in trying to disprove me saying I had a better time at 9.7 France? A higher winrate is by definition a better time, and the AMX-40 is one of my favorite tanks so I did enjoy it.

about 2 months ago, i tested it with someone on another thread and we found that the ir lock will go for flares every time. the optical ignored flares completely but couldnt lock when any terrain was near the locking circle

to be fair, the premium a10 has the worst agm65s. the tech tree a10 works fine in my experience. main issue the lack of zoom. most times when i got killed it was because i was too busy sitting at alt locking for targets that i didnt realize the missile was coming in time.

get the a6e when it goes on sale. it is great now and is getting a good buff next update. honestly the best cas in game rn

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people can go and search your nickname in-game to see your profile. i dont like the whole “stat checkers” thing but it is unavoidable on any video game forum

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Well time to hope that loaders will get tired now after reloading