To not add anymore SAHR or radar missiles i ngeneral

In my opinion with the current state of War Thunder I believe that there should be no more radar missiles (both fox 1&3s) because the AIM-9M and its equivalents serve little to no poupous because at low altitudes they will miss 99% of the time and hit the ground or explode further if you are at a higher altitude they are way more overpowered and you are more likely to 3rd partied or have a blue on blue incident making it overpowered or completely useless further adding the AIM-120 and equivalent would be even more useless or overpowered and fox 3s are meant for medium to long range making it unrealistic further I hope after the “Air Superiority” update Gaijin doesn’t add anymore top tier aircraft or upgraded fox 2s with IRCM to keep it balanced and some what realistic and if Gaijin does continue adding top tiers they need to add a hard limit of 20,000 ft by 20 miles wide to keep the balance

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OR they could remake them, give SkyFlash and 7M the Inverse Monopulse seeker they had IRL.


All radar missiles are modeled with inverse monopulse seekers in this game. If we were to model missiles without this feature, it’d be essentially a huge nerf to all SARH missiles that aren’t a Skyflash or 7M.

Now I know they all use inverse monopulse in game, but it clearly isn’t working, what I’m saying, is keep most missiles as they are, but fix the ones which have inverse monopulse IRL, IRL the SkyFlash could engage a target as low as 246 feet above the ground (75m). in game you can’t engage someone unless they’re AT LEAST above about 700 feet or so (213) meters.

This is a stupid idea


They will add more aircrafts, it is already planned by what i’ve said BVV_d

Just tag along or play lower BR.

The reality is that Maps are so shorts than EVEN on EC Map size you have no time to play accordingly depending on your aircraft type (not to mention how bad is community, only rushing in to get kills)