This update is awful

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First: AGAIN they made this game even more dull by locking yet another bunch of interesting map points to prey on enemies ( and making it again more and more like “the other” tank game that i dont play… for reasons. finding interesting points and climbing there without being seen is one of the differences this game once had ).

You’re just describing abusing glitch spots that rely on the enemy being unaware of said glitch spot to execute it. Get over it man. Abusing these spots was bad for the game. If you want better roles for sniping vehicles, ask for better maps instead of complaining that glitch spots got fixed.

I also have no idea how trees swaying impacts sniper tanks…


In my last match the moving bushes and trees gave me the chance to see a camping tank … oh btw … was using the Dicker Max ^^


Still sound broken then ever, things are still not rendering till fires…

How about fix this damage model first.

I hate new Normandy

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The tropical storms raging through eastern Europe are surprising. The trees are moving too much!


This does need reporting and showing…

Some trees are static, but then a random bush will be flapping about like a flag.

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How am I gonna get kills on Japan if I can’t unrealistically climb to the top of that hill at the start of the match?


To be fair, I was unaware that was unintended until it was cut off.

I agree. All the realistic topography is gone now. Just another flat, hyper-symmetrical gaming map. Couldn’t they just leave it alone and build another town further down the coast for the newbies?


Totally agree. It was my one of the favorite maps, but now I dont even want to look at mini map

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yesterday I got a dogfight in SIM against a MIG29 which became invisible. It was less than 500m away but was completely invisible, I could just see flares popping in the sky out of nowhere and the wings condensation trays xD

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Concealment IS NOT the same as a “glitch spot,” and realistic battles do not take place in perfectly balanced tournament maps. Gaijin should bring back the original Normandy and Jungle maps for players who want to be immersed in the challenges of real warfare. There are already too many bland, hyper-symmetrical maps for you twitch players as it is. 🙄

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The two sniping spots available to the two sides of 38th Parallel were not glitch spots. They could engage one another, they were perfectly logical, the distance wasn’t insane (between 900 and 1050m depending on the exact spot), they weren’t exactly difficult to locate or defend against. We’re not talking about a Puma climbing atop a rock with broken physics or something silly like that.

They needed to give a bit of love to the southern side, yes. Removing both spots though just makes this map another Vietnam.


I’d stick to game balance arguments, whether for or against. The only thing that is unrealistic about tank hillclimbing in War Thunder is that the game’s tanks are significantly worse at it than in the real world.


If we’re talking about the hill south of B (so not the big, highly sloped mountain between B and C which I agree was too much), then it’s not true that it was unintended. Like, there’s no way on Earth that’s true. You know how I know? Because the minimap marked the climb up that hill with a path. I doubt that was coincidence.

They designed that intentionally. Then, when players who think being killed by someone they can’t see is unfair started complaining, they called it an exploit and removed it.

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So how exactly are tanks like the dicker max supposed to be useful now? What locations fit their playstyle? Are we just supposed to brawl with them? And a lot of these spots werent even on massive hills just places where you could hide youre hull or tank easily.

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Using terms like “glitch spots” to be a euphemism for perfectly natural sniping spots (whether on hills, in valleys, behind rolling hills, etc) is an abuse of language. Go buy a clue. Ideally people like this should be banned for their word crimes.

A “glitch spot” would be where you could (for example) somehow push yourself through a bug in the clipping.

The reality is that Gaijin doesn’t really want people sniping. They want people all rushing to cap and matches to complete in 6 minutes. This game is really just WoT all over again.

I never witnessed such a good and polished update since I play WT…

I find much of the update to be very good. Especially the new German crew voice lines are an absolute treat.

But most of the map changes are terrible for us who prefer sniping vehicles. Given how lopsided things already were before, this feels like being kicked while you’re down.

I’ve never played WoT, myself, but I do think it’s kind of funny how often the community pats itself on the back for being “better than the other game” and then systematically ask for the removal of any map spot that might require you to actually use your binoculars before pressing W.