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Disable the ability to punish teamkillers and they will just ram you into the ground. They should do something Wargaming does and chance the color of the player’s name to mark them as a teamkiller. Teamkill too many times and the damage you would have done to your teammate is instead applied to you.


TKing anyone except squadmates should change your nameplate color and give you the permanent title ‘Dumbass’ for 10 battles that you can’t remove.


Keep in mind that tanks can’t TK other tanks in GFRB, but planes can TK tanks and tanks can TK planes.

ive pushed tanks into lakes err I mean been pushed into lakes by other tanks yeah thats wut I ment

Arent you kicked out of battle after 3 TK?

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Plus blue teammates in WoT can be teamkilled without any consequence. It’d be brilliant in War Thunder - change their colour for a set amount of games and let the players dish out justice and repair costs. That’d definitely help discourage it.

Still wrong,… Arty calls can TK.

Yes,… but this is very too little of a punishment.

Repeated will produce a game lock out ban of x amount of days.

Repeated bans will probably result in a permament ban.

If enough report and is particularly egregious that first ban can happen rather quick.

Which just means the guy would have TKed about a thousand player all in all, to see him repeat the operation with a new fresh account.

Punishment are too easy,…

Yesterday guy got TK on airfild after he said that F16 is almost there and he’s got 150% RP bonus.

TK on airfild should put some sanctions in game.

There should be more definite moderation of these, such as peopel reviewing the matches where multiples are detected and actually acting directly, telling the player they’re being banned from the game for a time, and making it definitively bad.

Allowing it to continue like this, is really sad and ignorant… Especially when people are getting penalized for TKing when they aren’t the TKer…

There’s no reason to revenge the TK, the system should be picking it up, which it obviously isn’t.

TK are handled by automatic system that punish Team Killers.

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