The US should get the AIM-9X to compete against the R-73

The US should get the aim 9X because the R-73 pulls 40 G’s and the aim 9-x is close to that and right now America is getting their shit rocked by all these ruskis.


Cope L


I thought we passed the stage of USSR and US dominating ARB and leaving the other 8 nations to cope until the next major update.
And if im mistaken, wasnt the AIM9M added because people wanted a counter to the r73?

Just because USSR has something doesnt mean US should also have something. ( a counter is needed but not just for the us)

Skill issue if you’re getting “your shit rocked” by a Russian Jet at top-tier. You’re superior in every way except number of armaments and the r27 (unless u didnt see the missile ofc)


Nah. Not needed. (Brit main)

Does Aim-9M need buffs/fixing? Yes (Aim-9M has the wrong lock ranges)
Do western nations need BVR buffs? Yes (AMRAAM should be coming next major)
Do we need to Add Gen 5 IR yet? No

Besides. If they add Aim-9X, then they would have to add ASRAAM, IRIS-T and Python-5 and Aim-9X is worse than them all when each is played to their strengths.


You realize if they do give 9x they will just give Russia something just a little better and based solely off Russian propaganda.


The missile you are asking for is the AIM-95 AGILE. Not the 9X


This is like stating “the us should get nuclear weapons to compete with a highly maneuverable brick”


cringepost is cringe


R-73M is not in the game at this time.

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As funny as I think aim-9x would be, no its way beyond the capabilities of r73. It would have significantly better IRCCM than even the 9m, pull 30% more than the r73, have the same smokeless motor as the M, and potentially even have Lockon after launch capabilities (demonstrated in the first models but not officially supported until the block 3 update).
I agree that the soviets have a significantly better missile arsenal in game overall but 9x definitely isnt the way to fix that. The problem is by the time we get into the “next generation” of NATO missiles with stuff like xray, mica, asraam, ect we blow past the capabilities of the R73 so hard that it would ruin the game. I think we just need to hold on until the ARHAAM update. Besides, 9Ms certainly arent bad, they’re a lot more general purpose than the R73 but once you let a 73 into its zone there really isnt anything you can do about it

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It’s impossible AIM-9X Blk I comparable to R-73 because better

I assume AIM-9X Blk.I or AIM-9X basic equivalents R-73M, PL-10, ASRAAM and MICA IR

Only because the Devs refuse to implement missiles that were developed which would fill the gap between the 9M and the 9X.

AIM-95 is literally the answer and there is more than enough information for it to exist in game.

9M is already better than the R-73 in most situations.
AIM-95 would only be added on the platforms it was tested on.

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As someone who has the Su-27, MiG-29SMT, JAS39C and F-15J, I can very easily say that aim-9m are the absolute best IR missile in the game right now. They are smokeless, they have the best IRCCM and they have an idiotically large range (comparable to aim7e2). R-73 are not meta and they are significantly worse than aim-9m and magic 2

cope more

So what aim9m is smokeless? You still get missile diamond im ARB so its only usefull in SIM or grb.
Also aim9 is as easy to preflair as r73 so both are the best when used on clueless enemy.
I’d take r73 over aim9 any day just beacuse with hmd you can fire hob missile on the head on or dogfight.
Thrust vectoring gives it uniqe ability to turn behind someone while aim9m is just 9l with irccm

Imagine advocating for a missile that’s better than the r73 in every way to compensate for your skill issue. I know this community can be brain dead but cmon man.

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and they should have a much larger lock range than they do currently.

Main buff I think 9Ms need currently

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He’s got a point, though. Saying this to argue in good faith, I’m going off of other people breaking it down (I only reached 10.3 as my highest jet currently). Outside of sim AIM-9M’s are just not that great because IR missiles are more or less dogfighting missiles, and having a higher maneuverability is the most important factor. Even the IRCCM of the 9M isn’t better than the R-73, at the very least the way to flare them is much more consistent.