The real reason the USA has bad win rates

I always like to support people who needs help tho i recommend professional help for your case.

…and a long ETC I am not going to bother quoting right now, including all the actual gaslighting attempts and more. You are trolls, and more than that, but I will save it.

“You aRe MaD fOr BeInG cAlLeD wRoNg AnD you ArE the OnE who InSuLtEd”.

I also love you you are the ones who started with the whole “delusional” thing, but then as soon as someone uses it against you you cry about “you being accused of mental illnesses”.

Your lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Or worse; you are completely aware of all of this and you are simply either edgy kids, or bad people.

I’m not seeing any problem with my usage of delusional here, since you continued to ignore all the flaws in your reasoning pointed out by myself and others. The word fits neatly.

Also once again, labelling everyone that disagrees with you and calls out your incorrect images and misconceptions as “trolls” is not an “I win” card. Just makes you look really sad.

Also (also) calling someone delusional is pretty different from specifically using mental illness as an insult. Delusion does not necessarily have anything to do with mental illness. I recommend a dictionary.

Unless that would apply to USSR right?

Vihkrs get magic multifunctional proximity fuse alone

KH-38 added alone

No spall in the carousel autoloader

Pantsir added alone

How many 2nd/3rd Gen thermal?


I can keep going if you want.
Concessions are CERTAINLY made for balance… Lmfao get out of here vatnik punk


Manual loading can be multiple times faster than it is in game. Autoloaders are stuck with what the autoloader actually functions at.

Manual loading is a soft stat. Autoloading is a hard stat.

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I actually see no reason for this to continue…

Next time… take personal disputes to PM… and keep it there…