The real reason the USA has bad win rates


For real.
Their vehicles are good but the teams are even better at not using them well.


I was referring to over half the team being in useless planes. What you can’t see in the pic is us owning no caps while everyone is at the airfield in their plahes landing to do “CAS”


I don’t think the US has a bad win rate at the BR you’re playing.




Tell me how France and Italy have 56 - 65 Wr on such bad vehicles?

You should consider that maybe this information isn’t accurate, since you barely find USA or any other Big Three alone in a match, I think OP could reformulate the discussion and mention how USA players is ineffective in Ground, because you don’t see any USA player not spawning a CAS plane on their first death when they have opportunity.

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That is part of what i was refering to. Their fighters are good but spamming them with little to no ordinance will lose the game.

I have won a good few games because the enemy spammed planes and allowed us to reverse the game.

Many planes in the sky like to trigger ODL in the enemy.

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Right now around 7.0 you have tons of trash USA teams due the recent sales, just spam of low level players with T29, M46 and A2D. Same for another nations like Germany at 8.3 basically 9.3 in full downtier is auto defeat thanks to new players - Turm 3 combo.
Just play another BRs until the no-obs spam decrease.


You are correct actually, played a few 9.3 matches recently and KD goes up a little bit, mostly 150sp full downtier to bully TURM III

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France and Italy’s vehicles aren’t bad, their only failure at top tier is lack of support vehicles although France has the ITO and CAS to make up for this. Italy only recently got the Grippen.

I could but I have personal experience with the 6.7 US lineup so I understand its capabilities.

The US has the most effective CAS in the game consistently through all tiers until 11.3 at which point they have to contend with the Pantsir.

CAP is not encouraged enough and has minimal effect on battle outcomes.

The argument that has statistical backing is that the US is effective in ground until their air power stops being effective. Hopefully this continues until Gaijin is forced to finally add the AGM-114L so US helicopters can be competitive with other nations.

The real reason is the same reason all of us Europeans and Chinese pile into the US forum.its easier and full of people who can’t play.

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Italy has overtiered MBTs, its issue isn’t a lack of support vehicles, there are plenty of them, like Centauro I 120, OTOMATIC and multiple IFVs, but there is a lack of main WT force MBTs, as Arietes aren’t protected on the same level as other nations MBTs.

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It’s just a skill issue, too many new players just buy a stupid ‘clickbait’ and start one death quit, which just makes the top tier win rate retarded. The nations with no top tier premiums are much higher at 11.3.

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Britain and Japan’s win rates disprove this. Not only that but the win rate is worse at 12.7 than it is at 11.3 where the Click Bait is.

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Yeah, it’s overtiered and definitely not on par with SAMs against air, but it still can be used as a support vehicle.

What do you think support vehicles need to be used for?

MBTs are capable of killing other MBTs already

Does the USA have a lot of wealth and disposable cash and a lot of alternative games? Hence a higher turnover of vets leaving to be quickly replaced by newbies who come in to play the vehicles which speak to them which is top tier.Despite living in a woke world of fantasy real cultural differences still apply.Seems to me a line up is a line up in most BRs so its not the vehicles.

There used to be a time when planes could win the games and whoever had more of them at the time would win. But that was way back when RP-3 would nuke anything by landing in same postcode as target.

Spawning planes when your team does not hold any objectives is just dumb. Sure one or two planes to eliminate problematic target (campers, tanks like Maus or IS-7) wont hurt and might turn tide of battle. However people spawn planes without checking if there are planes up already. Leading to over saturation of planes.

Then all enemy team needs is one or two good SPAA players or someone who plays both AirRB and Ground RB to just secure already existing advantage.