The premium tornado

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i would argue that the 9.7 Hunter is better as CAS than the dumb bomb yeeting Tornado
AGM-65B+countermesures+actual maneuverability

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literally NO!
its only a air rb grinding cash cow

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I wont say its a total no.

Recently ive been destroyed by these guys alot at 11.3 but they dont seem to survive a second bombing run. It can get a couple of cheezy kills especially with now many bombs it can carry.

But buying this just for cas is definitely not worth it, unless you want to grind the Air tree too

Absolutely not, it is an air RB base bomber grinder only.

only good for long sim air battles

I guess is facing all the strela,pansir sams. TY all I guess.

I got it previously, is a very good plane even as a cas. Is like a su25k on stereoids

Its a pure ARB base buster. Unfortnately you need a downtier to make it work. In most matches much faster Mirages and F–16 ‘steal’ all bases. Its just 4 bases and everyone wants them. Only fast jets get the candy. Matches rarely last long enough for bases to respawn. You never have the chance to generate income, which makes the whole jet a bit pointless.

In Ground RB its BR is 10.3…you face all sorts of SAM SPAAs, crazy choppers with next gen IR missiles and Proxy HE guns. You just have 1000lb dumb bombs (like a low BR WW2 prop lol). Dunno why this thing is 10.3 in GRB. F-4F with Mavericks is 10.3 as well and the Hunter with Mavericks is 9.7. You don’t even have rocket pods or bigger 2000lb bombs. The Phantom (10.3) has all this as well. Even 3000lb bombs. Both contenders also have more CMs…

So Gajin offers a full price premium which underperforms massivly. Good luck trying to drop dumb 1000lb bombs in 10.3 battles (±1 BR). Dunno what could be done. It either needs guided ammunition or a huge BR drop.

Edit: Also just noticed Tornados still missing several hundred chaffs, despite flare/chaff mechanic is now seperated. With two boz pods you should have almost 1000 chaffs and over 50 flares.