The ONLY solution to have the game balanced!

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So… Whats your suggestion?

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That pamphlet just sound like a conspiration theory … Maybe you can advance evidence on your presented facts.

For my part, i dont win more with RU team than others nations …

But i admit a rework are indispensable:

  • On the BR (massive decompression or modification on MM rules)
  • On certains tanks who dont have sames parameters than others for “balancing”
  • On balance between CAS and SPAA
  • On the multitudes of bugs in the game

personaly i think match making changes to not be nation based teams would help a lot.

If in every team would be KA 50s, Pantsirs etc there would be way less problems, just make it a bit like in top tier ARB, there us, russia already is forced to fight us , russia teams a lot