The MICA EM missile needs to be fixed

For my (admittedly limited testing) of the AIM-120 it appears to be a small (few km) buff to maximum range, and a reduction in time to target. Possibly at the cost of slightly (0.1 Mach maybe) lower velocity at the moment of impact.

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Look like r73 problem 99% of the time

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Were these tests comparing the older aim-120 versus the new one side by side or just comparing off of separate tests?

It was just a quick test in one scenario. I knew from one of my AMRAAM reports that the max range in a given scenario was previously 52.5 km. The new missile could hit at 54.5 km.

And when I fired the new missile at 52.5 km it hit the target at 75.6 seconds flight time. Instead of 79 seconds.

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reduction of drag ?

Out of curiosity, what are the given figures in the scenarios that the AIM-120 is supposed to achieve?

That scenario was as follows (non-manoeuvring target):

Launch Aircraft: 5,000 ft / Mach 0.9
Target Aircraft: 500 ft / Mach 0.9
Expected Launch Range: 57.5 km

I tested that one as it was what my testing mission was set up for and I didn’t have much time.

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I agree

@Smin1080p Have devs said anything yet about the MICA wobbling? It’s getting to the point now that this bug has videos being made about it


If MICAs don’t get unfucked with the multipath change (accurate range, or just removing the wobble), you’d be better of taking almost anything else. Which shouldn’t be the case.

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This video seems pretty ill informed. Just from watching it MICA seems to get within fuse distance and not go off, and fail to track in the circumstances it was designed to track in. Chaff really shouldn’t be doing all that much just by spamming it.

I could be unfavourably judging it though. State of MICA is pretty irritating, so a video that seems to say it’s fine (stopped watching halfway) is pretty bothersome.