The J-11A Is The Worst 13.0

I have absolutely zero clue what Gaijin was cooking, this has a combination of the worst things all in one. This disgusting piece of rubbish still has the SPO-15, it keeps its horrific N001 from the previous J-11 and it has the mediocre R-77s to put the poo (not cherry) on top of the cake.

The Chinese player base in general isn’t the largest and isn’t as vocal as some others as well, most of the neglection which has been piling up has come unnoticed and without a large backing nothing will change.

The SU-27SM has come under backlash for being inferior to almost all other 13.0 vehicles and the J-11A does this but worse. Gaijin even had the balls to copy the pylons from the SU-27SM to the J-11A without reskinning it so now you’ve just got some random blue pylons on a grey aircraft.

Nearly all bug reports to get the J-11A adjusted have been declined due to them being “dubious” yet nearly all Russian reports on the SU-27SM usually get acknowledged with the weakest of sources.

Something needs to change, either the J-11A receives the upgrades it actually had or give us a modification which would allow us to upgrade the J-11A to the J-11B.

To believe this shares the same BR as the F-15C is a actual sick joke, what are your thoughts on this?

  • J-11B Modification
  • Keep The Same
  • Give It Its Actual Upgrades
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IRL J-11A have an upgraded radar.

certainly doesnt help that gaijin absolutely butchered the flankers flight performance in wt.

Yeah, same with the MiG-29s as well but I doubt this will ever be fixed. And anything Chinese being fixed is a whole new chapter however.

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It would appear yall also have the britain tax now lmao

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Sadly, J-11A unlike Su-27SM because no unique russian precision-guided munition but not different engine and armament

But in my opinion, J-11B in folder with J-11A because domestic chinese avionic, engine and armament.

I think that J-11A should be upgraded/improved to its historical standards, but NOT changed to J-11B. That would also include upgrading the J-11A to the J-11A MLU. They are both different aircraft and would fit much better whenever something like the Su-27SM2 is added, in my opinion.

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I have nothing to contribute womp womp
I just want the FM to actually be decent.

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The flight model is useable but not competitive, the FM isn’t the main issue but Gaijin clicking CTRL + C then pressing CTRL + V whenever it comes to Chinese vehicles which are similar to their Soviet/Russian counterpart.

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Its a odd take i have all the big top tier jets but the j11/su27 fm is both bad and great to fly, not competitively but just casual flying i like how it feels.

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Maybe its just me but I cant stand the horrible camo its stuck with. That massive chinese flag just kills the sleek minimal grey look.


dunno if its intentional but the paint textures on it are also extremely washed out and smudged…

why the hell didnt we get j11a in the first place, now we have 2 identical flankers that aren’t foddered. At least su27sm can carry precision ground ordinance. We literally have an r77 mod to the functionally identical radar. Also I didnt realize china domestically produced the j11a’s cockpit with russian language.


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Not really surprised though cause a lot of planes still have placeholder cockpits

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This Chinese article is suggesting J-11A MLU could have the Chinese radar 雪豹E.