The FlaRakPz 1 is the worst high tier SPAA in the game, change my mind

The manual aim is terrible.
The moment you fire the smoke from the missile blocks your vision.
Unlike many SPAA almost 0 ground warfare capabilities.
Has to stop to reaload.

The only use this trash has is from time to time getting once of the KA50 morons who hover otherwise out of range.


Its normal.

So it’s worse than the ASRAD, Stormer, SIDAM and Type 93? Really?

Worse than the ASRAD and Stormer for sure.

Ehhh since the missiles change the ASRAD that had amazing missiles that had 9km range, you are now happy if you can shoot down a drone that is max 5km away from you from how much the missile fly off from the targer. ASRAD was one of the best SPAAs but then it became one of the worse.

Roland 1 is badder …

Δ°f you’re talking about French one then its basically copy paste minus thermals.

It is the inverse: The Flakrak is an updated ROLAND 1 with thermal, better elevation and a tracking radar in addition of the surveillance radar.

Δ°m comparing to Asrad which only thing it has over French Roland is the thermal.

Otherwise both suffer in same areas.

it does have a difference in elevation due to how tall the french roland turret is

btw i’ve noticed they buffed the roland 3 missiles and now they can keep up to some planes

Δ°n positive elevation there is no difference.

Well it does not make a significant diference but it allows for better visual capabilities

Roland 3 570m/s speed is miserable and you simply can not keep up with anything in air.

It is just sad at this point.