The F8E is no longer OP and it's not "usa suffers"

I can’t explain it really, often I take it up to higher BRs where I can out turn enemies

at it’s own BR if someone’s above you, you’re pretty screwed

doesnt sound very good to me

yea it’s tricky to fly at lower BRs but good at higher

you only enslave the eye of the missile when it has a gimbal it can pivot on. If the seeker is caged there’s no way it can be enslaved.

yeah fighting MLDs are super fun in a f8e

F-8U is really good now that it’s at 10.0
But yeah that rudder is annoying

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most people at your own br and above have the privilege to just extend, but yes f8 can easily clap an average ML going one circle.

i had 4 MLDs fire at me from inisde of clouds i dodged 6 missiles, just for a mig 21 to kill me. -.-, but yeah in a 1 v 1 the F8E can handle anyone, they just need to fix that stupid wobble.

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