The F-5C is no longer good

When a F5C turns the afterburner on, the earth begins to cool

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I ain’t reading all a that I’m Ngl. I don’t play mig 21s other than my bis sau, I play hunters, lightnings, harriers. All of which I can safely say are worse than an f5c. I laugh at you because my mates literally shit on me as they can just dog fight to their hearts content in f5e while I’m dripping with sweat just to live. And that yack 28 story can’t be all true because 1.8km is far too far for a red top lol. That is unless you stall out in a super sonic bomber when being chased by a sub sonic fighter? You don’t make the smartest of decisions eh.


you ain’t reading all at

but would you acknowledge that
1: most f5c players are (ableist slur)?
2: this video

3: This Other video

I’m literally stock btw. Only got the chaff flare mod.

When a F5C turns the afterburner on, the earth begins to cool

What strawman is this? I’ve killed f-5c’s with r3s and these have the worst seeker heads of any missile in game.
You simply don’t know how to dogfight period.

Nice flying in the first vid, I think you might be having trouble flaring because you’re not really doing a great job at it. Although I do understand wanting to keep you energy up while running. But the other guy is right, an f5 who switches off his after burner may not even need flares as a simple manoeuvre would do it, although would also dump all his energy. But shows that one flare would also be all that was needed. Mig 21 bis are powerful and certainly give f5c a a hard time but the f5e smokes it any day. Most f5c players are pure brain rot, no two ways about it. If you’ve ever come across someone who knows a thing or two flying an f5c you’ll know true fear, you simply cannot get him of your ass all while he doesn’t fire a single round till he knows your cooked. F5c is very easy to fly and holds your hand quite a bit (not as much as planes like the a10 but enough) but if you truly learn to play it you can face mig 23s, mig 21 bis and bis sau, f14s. Maybe you could argue this and that about the weak engines but as a whole the jet is amazing. One of if not the best 10.3 jet in the game if you ignore missiles and go for dog fighting ability only. It doesn’t need good missiles when it can swoop in and take kills.

the f5c is balanced; all 10.3’s from major nations are amazing. The lack of engine power is a great detriment and it is not as good as the mig21 smt or the f8e for air rb because it’s not as quick nor has the same missile kit. But in a dogfight? it absolutely whoops both clean. The point is that there are certain aircraft that have the privileges to decide engagements in the sense you can decide whether take it or not and still have some decision. Another aircraft that can absolutely ruin your day is either the j7e or the f-4e. J7E is a MiG19S on a double delta wing which lets you do delta wing stuff without bleeding energy; and the f-4e is an absolute beast when it comes to armament, but it’s also a good dogfighter; it’s very good at very slow speed against things like mirage f1c and can out rate both the f8e and the mig21 smt and bis.

The F-5C is great because it’s pure ergonomy but if you know how to bait it in a one circle fight or abuse your engine power there’s nothing much it can do; you will have to kill it in your boom and zooms before the fight gets longer than that.

I’m confused here. At this point you’re agreeing with me now that it’s fine at 10.3 and is an amazing jet? I wouldn’t mind it at 10.3 if not for the fact my 9.3s have to face them every game because they’re a premium and a very good one at that. It never should have gotten flare considering gaijin doesn’t let other jets take them if they could but never did. Would have fared as well as the mirages at the br stuck at 10.3 with 2 magics although magics after the buff a goated. The thing is there is nothing at 11.7 the f5c isn’t already facing at 10.3 and would help all of 9.3 at the same time. The only thing it would struggle against is the gr 7 but even then dodging 9ms isn’t about the flare count but how you dodge them so it wouldn’t struggle all that much.

Also I swear the j7e was a mig 21 with double delta wings not a mig 19.


A lot of jets in game have flares and armaments they normally didn’t carry. Besides it gets flares due it being a renamed F-5A which could be equipped with flares.

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To say unironically that the Mig 21’s 23mm is better than the 20mm M39A2 overall shows you never played the 23mm. The US 20mm practically beats the 23mm in every aspect except for fire rate, literally it does better damage, has better range, better velocity, more ammo and better ballistics.

Now the F5C is blatantly overpowered at 10.3br, but so is the mig 21mf and smt, all three of them should be 10.7br, and the F5E should be 11.0br since that plane is just a way better F5C.


This, although I would argue the 23mm is better purely because it simply fucks everything up in one hit. The 20mm seems to like to crit and hot where as the 23mm will cause al the wings to fall off at once. May just be me being better at aiming the 23mm over the 20mm somehow.

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I don’t think everyone agrees with that tbh.

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For me, its the complete opposite, despite aiming well, the majority of the time, I just get hits and critical hits for my 23mm even when using air target belt. I find the 20mm has more consistent damage and one-shots most of the time.

Over performing, no. Too good to see 9.3s and adequate to see 11.7s, yes.


How senseless,…

I can’t have a Magic-2 shot at more than 2km on a Burning F-5C, meanwhile i can literally destroy every other aircrafts up to 4km,…

The F-5C IR Signature is too low,… and it’s not because of engine burning “cold” …
F-5C temp engine is similar to EVERY other aircrafts.

The thrust is only limited because of how small are the section of Airflow,… that’s ALL.


Remember when the f5s engines were unrealistically cold. Couldn’t even lock 9ls onto them from side aspect lol. Not as bad anymore but they are somehow harder to lock that most sub sonics somehow.

Just try the rat playstyle and be a 3rd party master. No shame in blowing up enemies that just begun recovering their energy from a dogfight.

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The a5c is 10.3 I believe? If im wrong then sure I am, but if your wrong I doubt you’ve played in recent times tbh. After the “fixes” (gaijin go back and forth on this) the cannons are mostly fixed. The American 20mm no longer just spark and do no damage and are quite easy to aim. I prefer the Russian 23mm just because they seem to do more damage, the American 20mm is far easier to aim. And the hunter does not have far more nose authority…… where are you getting this from, I’ve never had better nose authority than from an f5 just because it gets into position faster. I could say the same about the ariete but then you would find that it only has bad authority above Mach 0.85 so I don’t see why you would be up at those speeds. Are you using your air brakes properly?

The F-5C will wipe its ass with the Hunter F.58 in a dogfight.
It is more maneuverable and is way faster (around 300 km/h).
Yes, the Hunter has better energy retention, but because it is that much slower it has to take the fight with the F-5C eventually. The Hunter cannot run away for very long, best it can do is break of and get some distance before being caught again by the F-5C.

It also weights 2 tons more, which is pretty significant.

A decent pilot will almost always win in the F-5C. A skilled pilot must fight hard to win in the Hunter F.58.


I honestly have no idea where this guy gets his ideas from. It’s just genuinely accepted that the f5c is the best 10.3 for your buck if you like dogfighting. Go for the a10, a6e or su 25 if you like to be a cunt.

A-5C is 10.0