The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

BTW, Is there a flight manual for a 1970s F-14A that is not subject to export restrictions, including NATOPS?

When using the AIM-54, the LAU-93 launchers with coolant at Stations 3 and 6 must always be there for cooling AIM-54s, regardless of its loading station but, current F-14A/F-14B doesn’t have loadout limites at the moment.

In other words, the x2 AIM-54 Phoenix & x4 AIM-7 Sparrow loadouts can be “mounted” at each station, but they cannot be used because the AIM-54 cannot be cooled.

I have a 2001 F-14B NATOPS flight manual, but cannot use it as a primary source because it falls under export restrictions. Also, the F-14A 1977 SAC does not mention loadout limitations in detail for somehow.

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You’re probably right here

Gaijin gib AIM-54C ECCM/Sealed

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Also F-14D

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also also AIM-7P and AIM-152 :)


Phoenix in spirit AIM-174B for the F18