The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

Much appreciated, always a pleasure dealing with you for bug reports!

dV is theoretical maximum acceleration excluding air resistance = in vacuum.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ok.

Itd be interesting to maybe get a dV value along preset game relevant launch conditions then, itd be a much better reference to interact with to compare missile then no? Otherwise it seems to make high drag missiles “seem” a lot better than they actually are in terms of dV

Something like dV from a M1.0 launch at 5000m altitude as thatd be a pretty reasonable launch condition in air RB

There is a user made app, that tries to do all these things. It is not accurate according to MiG-23M though. It also has a localhost connection, so when you play in battle, you can view your launch conditions in real time (max range, max speed, etc)

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That user app is fascinating, but on the live calculation what is the Projected impact? Distance to target by the time the missile reaches the target? I assume localhost doesn’t provide information about other aircraft.

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interesting, ill take a look at it later

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To be honest, I didn’t use it in quite some time. This is new, will have to investigate.

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a few clarifications
aam-3 received a smokeless engine, without any evidence and with a 90% certainty it was never even planned, since aam-5 is not smokeless.

And while I was delving into aim-9m, I noticed one feature.
this applies to the rocket flame, if it is more pronounced then it is a smokeless engine, and if not then it is smoky in any case.
launch aim-9m with mk36 mod 8 (smoky)

launch aim-9m with mk36 mod 11 (smokeless)

When launching aim-54c this is not noticeable and it’s smoky.
at least the smokiness itself is slightly reduced. like the early 9M compared to the 9L.


Has this been bug reported yet?

The Aim-54C is missing:

smokeless motor
higher impulse, shorter burn motor
(A and C) lofting
Mach 5 max speed
(A and C) 25g maneuvering
ability to go pitbull off the rails at shorter ranges
(A and C) ability to softlock and mid-course update more than one missile

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Most of these are known issues. Gaijin’s loft logic is dogshit but unfortunately it’s impossible to report without technical sources on how loft logic works IRL on these weapons, which do not seem to exist in any public form.


@k_stepanovich any idea why there remains a consistant refusal on the part of the devs to fix the AIM-54C now that the Su-27/J-11 are ingame with 6 R-27ER’s?

The lofting still doesnt work properly, the missile is still missing its reduced smoke motor despite more and more missiles getting those low smoke motors the 54C was reported to be missing back on its dev server, and the pull remains limited at 17g, less than HALF that of the R-27ER, and 8g less than it should pull in general.

At this point, unless a new missile is added to the game, NATO teams literally have no competitive missile for BVR combat compared to the R-27ER. Not a single one. The balance is so skewed in the RU/CN favor with regards to BVR its not even funny anymore.

The AIM-54C wouldnt even match the R-27ER if some of these fixes were implemented, it would just close the gap a bit

Its not even like the F-14B is particularly good anymore either. The lack of proper TCS modelling impacts it negatively being the only HI PRF only radar 12.0+, its a massive and extremely fragile target, and has to rely on;

  1. Suboptimal SARH’s (AIM-7M) in an R-27ER world
  2. Suboptimal IR missiles (AIM-9L) in an AIM-9M/AAM-3/Magic II/R-73 world
  3. Completely broken and borderline useless ARH(AIM-54C)

The things a joke competitively at this point


This is anecdotal, but the 54 just seems…different…post gimbal update. Like, most of the time it’s still just a brick that misses. But I’ve watched some of them damn near pull 180 degrees to follow a target. It’s just strange.

I have videos of them doing such things prior to that update.

The gimbal update lets you do some… weird… stuff with them, but its mostly just a pointless cosmetic change.

You can launch them at like 45° for the “optimal” launch angle, but the hard coded and utterly terrible lofting code will pull the missile down pretty quickly anyways, so it really doesnt matter and you probably even waste more energy doing it tbh.

You can launch them in dogfights technically as long as you hols the lock the whole time, but with the terrivle 17g pull, its still pointless.

And if you launch it at a weird angle then lose the lock (since TWS sucks and can never hold a lock properly) your missile is trashed…

At best, i guess its a bit of a QoL upgrade in that you dont have to be looking directly at the target anymore to launch them, but thats about it…

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Yeah, for the most part it feels the same, which is unfortunate.

God forbid they fix one of the bugs that would ACTUALLY imrpove the missile in any noriceable manner.

Not like the R-27ER is completely uncontested and literally downright oppressive atm or something right

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Speaking of QoL and WVR combat with the 54, is the range gate they put on AWG-9 accurate?

The 5000m min range thing they just randomly changed?

I have no clue, quite frankly, i think its just gaijin pulling another “the russians couldnt do it, so that means the americans couldnt either!” Thing like their reason not to fix the stingers to their appropriate max pull, or their continued doubts about the AIM-54’s capabilities, etc…


dear gaijin, for Christmas I would like to ask that no new vehicles be added for the next two major updates, and instead, focus all resources on fixing bugs, and improving game mechanics.

-love, whale