The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

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Nearly useless change, but at least we know they haven’t completely forgotten about them

You can loft it more manually now.

Which means nothing because the Aim-54 is speed capped and will never reach Mach 5+ in game even if lofted. Another artificial nerf by Gaijin to insure the Aim-54 is held back in performance.

That means the more loft the more likely you are to miss the target. The target will have to be flying as high as you are 6000m+ to make lofting work and no one does that.

Useless change.

You sure get worked up over nothing

Explaining facts is getting worked up?

Cope more, your just upset you got called out for trying to grandstand a useless change…not once…but twice. Losing what little credibility you have by the day.

Nope, you can’t manually loft it. Tried several times firing at a 45° angle and it always reverted to ~17° in the climb. Its only possible do do this in STT as in TWS can’t follow a target if it below 15° from fuselage line.

More testing, under 35° it always reverts to 17deg, around 50°the missile initially flew to ~25° for a couple seconds and I saw it arc down quickly despite it being a 100Km shot at a level flight bomber. So no and we shouldn’t aim up 60° just for a missile to loft 20°


The gimbal increase is only good for close range dogfight shots, unfortunately the missile still cant pull to save its life cuz gaijin refuses to fix its pull, so its mostly a “oh thats neat, that fixed something that literally wont matter” kind of change.

Exactly. Its just a change to say they did something. Thats all. It has zero impact.

Yeah, this isn’t the R27ER’s datalink that tends to hold its course when there isn’t target updates.

You fire an R27ER at a high loft and unlock the radar or turn off TWS it will keep coasting in a roughly straight/ballistic line (Effectively lofting the missile very aggressively) You do the same with an AIM-54 and it will try to continue on the trajectory the guidance system wants (17-degree loft) to find the target with its ARH seeker. (This may differ with STT idk)

The AIM-54 loft is 15 deg with a -7.5 deg target elevation in-game which afaik is roughly the angle it tries to impact at.
ie: you can loft an AIM-7 more than you can loft an AIM-54 simply because the AIM-7 doesnt really pull much until it gets close cuz its trying to conserve energy and doesnt have a stupid hard coded trash loft angle…

Most infuriating thing is that they could fix the “lofting too much causes it to miss the target” thing by just having time dependent lofting like the SARH’s have time dependent pull and like the R-73 has time dependent PID values, but apparently thats too hard a concept for them to grasp

Does it still do that if you also drop the AIM-54 lock
Fire in STT, unlock, wait, re-lock.

No, it continues and arcs down

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I’ll test proper in a bit, but I think it continues like it would a TWS track

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Aim-54 doesn’t have the “reconnect datalink” property, so when you unlock from STT, it will never regain unlock and it become pure inertial guidance, its radar can only acquire target if target is not accelerating.

Which is why SARH range needs to be fixed, ~20nm low alt and 40nm high alt.

the r27er isn’t go 1800m/s just lock in tws the missile come to you, the phoenix can go over 1200m/s

no it does not even at the best scenarios

The R-27ER beats the AIM-54 to target at any range it can reach with its battery life, its much faster than the AIM-54 in-game

It also has some key advantages:

  • Accelerates much faster. Total dV 1075.87 m/s in 8 seconds vs 1158.69 m/s in 30.5 seconds for the AIM-54C though at any in-game altitudes/launch speeds the AIM-54 dV’s are more like half that
  • Burn time is shorter which makes the missile MUCH less visible, with only 8 seconds of missile visibility vs the AIM-54’s 30 seconds (this is why its downright idiotic that some of the pro-russian players in this thread try to defend gaijin not giving the AIM-54C its low smoke motor)
  • Maneuverability of the R-27ER is more than double that of the AIM-54C (35g vs 17g in-game because gaijin refuses to give the 54C its stated 25g maneuverability)
  • Max mach of the R-27ER as per the code is M5.75 vs the AIM-54C’s paltry M4.3

The AIM-54C is artificially nerfed to be inferior in effectively all ways to the R-27ER. It VERY EASILY could be an actual contender of a missile if:

  • The lofting was fixed
  • The maneuverability was fixed
  • The low smoke motor was added
  • The seeker was fixed not to be a copy paste of the AIM-54A’s

It doesnt even need all 4 of the above intentional modelling issues to be fixed, nor are they represent all things provably wrong with the AIM-54, but the russian fanboys in this thread have done a stellar job at pretending like the AIM-54C would be “broken” if it even approached the R-27ER in capabilities in-game.


yeah dual plane G limit arent implemented for anything yet