The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

The whole tws tracking of more than 1 Aim-54. Apparently its bugged where you only can tws guide 1 Phoenix when in reality ur supposed to be able to guide 6 In tws NOT ING.

If you keep radar pointed at enemy, and launch six phoenix at six separate enemies… it will still update them on those positions afaik. Either way, it’s a feature that nothing else has and Gaijin has refrained from modeling the ability to select multiple targets for a couple reasons;

  1. Initially it caused the game to crash / lag pretty badly.
  2. No other aircraft has or needs this quite yet, so it isn’t necessary to fully model this…

IRL TWS updates from AWG-9 were insufficient to properly track maneuvering targets regardless… it’s overperforming in-game.

Sounds like they shouldn’t have added the F-14 in the first place. Like you are advocating for some sort of Historical accuracy yet you want to deny the ability of the AWG-9 to simultaneously give guidance to up to 6 missiles in tws mode. Just because its the only plane in game with that abolity rightn now, doesnt mean it needs to be nerfed to hell or not even modeled correctly at all.


I didn’t say that, I said it already does this in-game. You just can’t select 6 separate targets prior to launch. You gotta launch them all one at a time. If radar is still pointed at and has the other dots appearing, you’re gonna continue guiding towards those guys.

Yes, and if I was going to be 100% unbiased towards the American equipment the AWG-9 would have a REALLY REALLY hard time tracking multiple maneuvering targets in TWS, but it doesn’t.

It’s overperforming as stated, what are you talking about?

Ok and if the targest are not maneuvering the missiles still go stupid. Like when you fire One Aim-54 at one target in tws mode then Yes it will keep guiding that missile. BUT as soon as you switch to another target, the missile switches to some sort of Inertial navigation where its not recieving any information from the AWG-9 at all and just goes in a straight line. This is whats bugged.

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This has already been discussed before I dont k ow why i have to repeat it. Seems some people are just Coping cuz the mig-29SMT is “underperforming” while being way heavier than the 9-13 and having the same engines.

The issue with showing soft lock of multiple targets I think that there is no limit currently for amount of soft tracking targets (look at Pantsir or Tor, enemy can just spam rockets towards you and your screen will be in dozens of green squares, with you being unable to track target normally). They have to model ot correctly with correct implementation of which targets should be soft locked and which not.

Are you certain of this? Have you tested? I’m honestly asking here because that’s not how it works to the best of my knowledge and I’ve had no such issues when launching multiple AIM-54’s.

You drag this back to the SMT as if the Russian aircraft has ANYTHING to do with the thread.

Yes, it’s much more complex and difficult to model than people realize and then they wonder why it’s not already implemented.

Exactly and if they ever add the R-77 and Aim-120 then this issue Must be addressed. And it woule be smart for them to do it now with the Aim-54 then waiting for other Fox-3 which will cause chaos and hellfire in the game.

Yes me and Spacenavy did some thorough testing.

I’d love for you to share your discoveries here then. Every time I do testing, there is video recording of it to show the results.

Most of those aircraft will start with 2x TWS target tracks at any given time and that’s about it. Even then, the F-16 TWS for block 15 was quite bad IRL and they don’t recommend using it for fighter / evasive targets iirc.

yes ill get with spacenavy and figure it out. Im currently at Uni rn so im not at my PC.

Yeah but not the Blk50 which can tws 6 Aim-120s i think

Sir i think you are going the wrong way here , the radar of F-14B was still AWG-9 and with Aim-54C ,One of the uses was destroying anti ship missiles that are attacking the naval force . the power output was also high to give the missile of the A family , good signal return , if you are going to say it does not matter , then can you turn my flashlight into a 300km range radar?

Ummm my brain started huring when i read this. What are you try to say?


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Thanks, this is what I was looking for. No one else on this forum seems to be able to back up assertions right off the bat.

In that case, as @_Fantom2451 mentioned it will be quite hard for them to fix overnight.

Non-maneuvering target.

Keeping track of multiple maneuvering targets in TWS requires high slew rate which the AWG-9 does not have. It’s also not a PESA.

Aim-54C had another employment other than shooting aircraft , to shoot down cruise missiles or sea skimming missiles . like P-120 or unlikely P-270

even in Warthunder if you change the radar scan pattern , the radar scans 2 times(and more) per second .