The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

I think its more to do with the fact gaijan doesnt model the differences of smoke/contrails these motors produce at various different altitudes. The current ammount of smoke the 9M produces at sea level appears in line with the AH-1Z video but the problem is at higher altitudes it produces just as little smoke. Honestly might be worth putting in a suggestion for some variation in smoke at various altitudes especially since future BVRAAMs will have motors of similar tech.

At certain altitudes they should just have contrails, would solve the issue.

I’m pretty sure the smoke effect is literally a .png at the moment. Considering how they handle contrails for aircraft, I think yet another rework is in order.


Just completed some more tests with players and yes I think you may actually be correct. Soft-locking targets in TWS appears to update the datalink guidance during midcourse. I have a video that is currently uploading, will post when it is done.

Glad I brought this up then, good findings.

Two targets flying front aspect at co-altitude. I fire one AIM-54A at each of them respectively and lose the lock. Then they turn away to “fool” any inertial guidance. Then I reacquire soft-lock on each of them, alternating every second or so to continuously update guidance. Eventually both missiles score a kill. Very interesting indeed.

Now this isn’t how it works in reality, but it is interesting to know that the game logic is there. A better way to implement this (if Gaijin wanted to that is) would be to add a keybind to designate TWS targets that correspond to the missile fired (TWS target 1 = first missile fired, TWS 2 = 2nd missile, and so on).

Same video in 1080p quality, dunno why the first exported in 720p…

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Theres a good possibility they just got acquired by the 54’s own seeker there, those were rather short range launches

No not here, they were fired from 30 miles, datalink correction started around 25 miles. The active radar range is closer to 6-10 miles.

It isn’t in the video also but when we recorded I remember the two targets told me in voice chat they got RWR pings around 50 seconds in that video.

Also the video quality is kind of bad, but these are miles not kilometers.

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its in Miles not Kilometers

As I said to MiG-23M I strongly doubt that video actually shows an AIM-9M (I can’t find any information on Denmark using the AIM-9M, and similar firings are all labelled as AIM-9Ls by official sources - that video is from some random YouTube channel).

Here’s a 9X at contrail altitude, and we have multiple videos of its low smoke at lower alts as well if you still want to argue.

Low smoke/smokeless motors still produce contrails at the appropriate alts

The fact were still arguing “if” tge 54C has a reduced smoke motor, despite it being a widely documented fact jusr because some people cant figure out that contrails will occur at contrails altitudes is quite frankly simply mind boggling.

The bug reports have been accepted, the documentation was not only provided by players, but by gaijin technical moderators themselves. Its idiotic were even having this argument, nvm the fact that the devs keep dilly dallying on the subject

This is LITERALLY one of the first arguments that was had and resolved back when the 54C reduced smoke motor bug report was suggested, and was resolved MONTHS ago. At this point its just childish idiocy.

Sidenote, does anyone know if gaijin actually models rocket motor thrust increase along with decreases in atmospheric pressure? This would exxplain some underperforming on teh 54C’s speed despite lofting:

So model contrails in game then an AIM-54C being almost invisible at high altitude (as the AIM-9M currently is) would be both ahistorical and unbalanced.

I’m not arguing that the AIM-54C doesn’t have a reduced-smoke rocket motor, just that it should not behave in the same way that the AIM-9M currently does (which is what you are arguing for with your “just change one line of code” comments).

Glad you were able to replicate it. Going forward people will need to know about this caveat when active missiles become the norm. Until TWS is more accurately replicated, we’ll have to use this tedious form of flight corrections.

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as the missile burns it produces H2O in form of steam , which is den condensed into condensed steam which is cloud , you can see such contrails on planes too

I know what contrails are, that doesn’t change the fact that the video in question likely does not show an AIM-9M.

wait , don’t you recognize the video?
it is the F-22 shooting down the Chinese balloon over the ocean with deactivated warhead few months ago

You replied to the comment in which I was replying to this video:

Which most certainly is not the balloon video, that was posted later.

AIM-9L also use reduced smoke motor after a certain point. The smoky motor stopped production and they are pretty far past shelf life otherwise unless they are using expired rocket motors.