The 2S38 being way too overpowered at 9.7 to 10.3 Matches and needed to be moved up a BR

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Another cope post…yet again…


You know that you probably also complained about the 2S38 being too overpowered at least twice in War Thunder, I bet you did.

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No, i never complained. You’re cofusing me with someone else.

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Me when I’m a good boy and never complained once about War Thunder and pay my fath-- gaijin my daily allowance every day.


Unfortunately they balance off of winrates, which means that it stays at uts current BR.

Never mind that winrates are literally useless for balancing…

The only thing i really want to complain, is how terrible ground maps are


Nah, they basically only balance based off what the vehicle earns on average as a reward going by what they’ve said recently regarding BR changes.

2S38 is pretty much a guaranteed pay to win vehicle to get you to 11.7 or to just bully people in 9.0 Matches and 10.0 matches.


And that’s even worse lmao


The M3A3 Bradley has a 25mm Auto-Cannon with APFSDS Pen at 80MM of Armor but the 2S38 Has a 25mm Auto-Cannon with 200MM+ pen on it don’t you just find it to be bull?

Oh look it’s another skill issue thread.


brother the 2S38 is a 57mm gun


I mean 57MM

then it wouldn’t make sense anymore cause yeah it would make sense to double the pen at least with double the caliber

But like everyone’s opinion is the 2S38 a P2W vehicle to get you to 11.7 and to bully people in 9.0-10.3 Matches?

Can you provide me one credible piece of evidence to substantiate your position that you speak for everyone on the matter of the 2S38?


To be fair, I am not opposed to altering pen figures to balance… only if a BR change wouldnt fix it. Moving the 2S38 up would definitely fix the issue, so there isnt any need for ahistorical pen change.

The amount of pen makes sense I can agree on you on that, but the BR is broken though-