Teški Tenk Vozilo A (SFR Yugoslavia)

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This is a reipload of a suggestion originally made in 2020

Teški Tenk Vozilo A


The Vozilo A is a Yugoslav reverse-engineered T-34-85, featuring a new turret and hull. This vehicle would be a great addition for a Yugoslavian tech tree.

Historical background

In the aftermath of WWII Yugoslavia received a large number of military equipment from the Soviet Union. However, after the Informbiro crisis and the political schism between the USSR and Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav government started to look into the domestic production of armored vehicles.

In 1948 it was decided that a vehicle based on the T-34-85 would be produced. Since Yugoslavia didn’t have access to the original blueprints, a new tank would be designed by reverse-engineering the original. The project received the name of “Teški Tenk Vozilo” (heavy tank vehicle). Various companies participated in the design and manufacturing of the tank. Five prototypes were completed and tested for a short time before being presented to the public on the Victory Day parade of the 1st of May of 1950.

Due to a highly artisan production process, each of the five vehicles was slightly different. This made it difficult to evaluate the entire project. After being evaluated, the vehicles were rated poorly by the Yugoslav military due to their excessive weight, poor visibility, low ammunition count, and poor reliability. A second production run of 10 vehicles was ordered, but never finished. There also were plans to upgun the Vozilo to 90 or 100 mm cannons, but these never came to fruition.

Work on the Vozilo A was interrupted after Yugoslavia adquired American M47 Patton tanks in 1951.

Currently, one Vozilo A survives at the Military Museum of Belgrade, Serbia.

Technical characteristics

Despite its external differences, the Vozilo A’s internal configuration remained similar to the T-34-85. The crew configuration remained the same. However, the Vozilo weighted slightly more at 34.7 t (compared to 32 t for the T-34). This resulted in a worse mobility and an increase in ground pressure. The hull remained mostly unchanged, except for the front, where the armor was increased to 50 mm and angled corners were added. The external fuel tanks were now D-shaped.

A new cast turret was installed. The turret had an elliptical shape, with increased armor protection but a smaller internal volume. The turret had a frontal thickness of more than 100 mm, 82 to 86 mm on the sides and 60 mm on the rear. The gunner’s sight was changed to a German TZF originating from a Panzer IV, which increased the field of view from 14º to 16º and the maximum magnification from 3x to 4x. However, the new cupola significantly reduced the commander’s visibility.

The Vozilo A retained the T-34’s ZIS-S-53 cannon, now with a muzzle brake, an increased gun depression (-10º vs -5º), and a decreased gun elevation (17º vs 22º). The hull and coaxial machine guns were changed to two 7.92 MG-42. An M2 Browning was installed on the roof.

The engine and transmission were domestic copies of the original soviet designs. Due to poor materials and lower tolerances, these were much less reliable than the original components. The batteries, electrical starter and dynamo were sourced domestically. The tracks were heavier than their Soviet counterparts, but equally wide.

The tank could climb 35º slopes, overcome a 25º lateral inclination, cross a 2.6 m trench and climb a 0.73 m vertical obstacle.



Crew 5
Combat weight 34.7 t
Length 6 m
Width 3.225 m
Height 2.7 m
Ground clearance 0.42 m
Engine V-2 , 12 cylinders, diesel
Engine power 500hp
Max. speed 50 Km/h (12 Km/h off-road)
Combat range 280 - 350 Km
fuel capacity 580 l (internally), 300 l (external tanks)

Turret armor: 100 mm on the front, 82-86 mm on the sides, 60 mm on the rear.

Hull armor: 50 mm on the front, 45 mm on the angled hull corners, side and rear, 25 mm on the floor and roof.


Main armament 85 mm ZIS-S-53 (50 rounds)
Vertical guidance -10º / 17º
Secondary armament 2x 7.92 mm MG-42 (2000 rounds), 1x Browning M2 (500 rounds)

The cannon should have the same ammunition as the T-34-85 on the Soviet tree.

Historical pictures:


These are all historical pictures I’ve been able to find.




Modern pictures (from the Belgrade Military Museum)





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And don’t forget to support the full Yugoslav Tech Tree by Mahiwew!


Definitely a +1 for Yugoslav tree!
Quite surprised by the mention 😁


I look forward to playing this! +1


+1, it can use a br of 5.3. Unangleable hull, lower mobility and turret cupola/ turret ring weak spots will hamper it’s preformance compared to regular T-34-85.

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+1 for Yugoslavia


An absolute +1 for one of Yugoslavia’s most iconic medium tanks. I’ll disagree that it would fit at 5.3, though. Compared to the T-34-85 ZiS-53, its mobility is marginally worse, but it gets 10 degrees of gun depression, a 50cal, and slightly stronger armor (100 vs 90 on the turret cheeks and 50 vs 45 on the upper glacis). The two-step corners on the glacis would help IMO, they reduce the tank’s pennable surface head-on.


Coolest looking T-34 derivative.


A strange things half T-34, half Panzer IV and half Sherman. Why not. +1

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Def a +1! A T-34 with gun depression and a .50 cal? Can you ask for more? I don’t think so.

Also, Yugoslavia had some other funky tanks too…
Who wants to get the Boink Sherman too?


If you wanna see some fun Yugoslav air products it would likely be worth checking out the Yugoslav section in the forums, they have quite a few fun creations ranging from pre-WW2 to the late cold war and we even see some modifications to their older platforms being made today.

I will give you a spoiler here with all the Yugoslav air suggestions currently present on this forum, user Thanosaekk did a great job into expanding the Yugoslav section compared to what it used to be!
Yugoslavia did make more than this, so definitely be on the lookout for future suggestions!


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Well i am not interested in skycancer, but i mighet give a read on them.

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I would put it at 5.7 [RB]. And, yes, Tito Approves.

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A T-34 with good depression? Yes please!

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This tank would sit nicely at 5.7, because the most comparable tank (T34 85 GAI) also sits at 5.7.

Compared to the GAI the Vehicle A trades a bit of mobility for -10 gun depression and a superficial armor upgrade (would still get buttered by any contemporary tank gun aside from the American short 75).


Yugoslavia deserves to have an independent tree