Take this survey please. (Dev Server Thoughts?)

If I get enough responses I will gather and share the statistics.
Also I know you might be skeptical if this link is a virus. It’s not and I’m pretty sure there’s consequences for posting malware on a WT forum.


just took the survey, well made! cool to see someone doing something like this for once

uh oh someone just got my IP



This man starts with a very bias view


“stalinium, copium and blatant russian bias”

In the interest of remaining objective, there is likely a better way to phrase this without sounding so biased yourself.

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I would love to see what others think regardless of the amount of people that vote, I would like to know how many people are against what Gaijin is currently doing

It’s a google survey link if anyone thinks its a virus then there dumb.

It’s an AWFUL survey, but I laughed fkn HARD when I got to the later questions, lmao.

Well played

80% of this survey - oh nice well designed questions with good information collection techniques
Last 20% of this survey - angy 😾

It’s an interesting dilemma because it’ll show that people share/don’t share that sentiment. Yeah it may be a biasedly worded question but like I said, it’ll show player sentiment to the idea of russian bias (whether it exists or not)