T90s better round

T90s should be have a better round because in devblog they wrote that t90s will be have an advanced ammunition and i think 3bm42 is not advanced ammunition.

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and missing laser rangefinder and why have IRCM ?

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Indiana did not get access to better round and 3bm42 was advanced to. Them So it is advanced round the only problem is that they did not remove ircm and add lr

But i know indians have own FSAPDS on t90s


Still dev server, this kind of stuff are going to change

India apparently had a locally-produced version of the Israeli 125mm CL 3254M round called AMK 340, but suffered quality control issues with the local ammo, so just imported them from Israel as AMK 340A until IMI was caught up in a corruption scandal.

Any idea if CL 3254M is better than 3BM42?

CL 3254M is an export name of the M711/8 APFSDS, which is much more modern and based on technologies used to create standard modern rounds like the M338, so it is a substantial IRL improvement over the 3BM42.
How much? We don’t know.
According to SteelBeasts (if we can trust them), then 3BM42 penetrates 510mm (in War Thunder 457mm), while the M711 (Mk.1) penetrates 670mm. There is no info on the more modern M711/8 (Mk.2) that India used.

I found info about indian round 125mm

β€œWhen the DRDO Mk-1 125mm round went into production in 1997, it was already working on Mk-2 version of the round. This it was doing without any GSQR for such a product. With TOT for 125mm round leading to suspension of production of DRDO Mk-1/AMK-340, IA was not interested in DRDO Mk-2 round.”

Isn’t CL 3579 the export name for the M711/8 (Mk2)?

SABOT design above looks more like M711/8 where the AMK 340A SABOT in the image I had of Indian tank ammo looks more like the SABOT on M711 (Mk1).

CL 3254M could be the Mk2 dart in a Mk1 style SABOT though. The β€œM” suffix suggests a modernisation over an original CL 3254

Too bad T-90S didn’t use Penetration Cum Blast ammo. That would be a cool addition

You are correct.

This is the only reason I want the Arjun is to laugh my ass off every time I see that in the kill feed