T-90M: The Russian Bulwark

It will just end up being another variant or a modification.

I hope it will be a modification


It’s highly likely going to be the same as when the T-72B3 and T-80BVM receieve their modifications. I forgot to add the photos of the vehicle with the Relikt Soft-ERA bags so I’m glad someone did.


This would be a nice MBT for Russia tree, good job on the information sheet and links :)

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Here is another with soft bag era


Some tanks got a new transmission 15kmh rearward, allegedly. I’ve seen at least 1 video with a reverse over 4kmh.

That’s the version we need in the game.

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If you have a source that shows that’s the new production transmission, it’s definitely in the realm of possibilities. If not we’re probably gonna have the standard T-90M variant with the -4kmph transmission and the equivalent of the UBH Relict ERA package as a modification.

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very nice tank we hope that add to game +1

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I don’t think so. The developer is interested in making sure the most famous Russian tank himself gets everything he can have

I don’t think so unless they decide to do the 2022 variant which I’m assuming is the variant with it if it has it. Need more information on it first

they have a lot of information about it. They have great opportunities to ask the manufacturer

As long as the information is out there I’m sure they will

There is no point in introducing a version without 15 km / h reverse.

He will not offer anything better than the t-80bvm. This will be the biggest disappointment of the much anticipated tank.

I think they understand that with 4 km / h it will be barely better than T72B3

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The only -4 kph reverse speed I’m going to play is the Moderna because it has a 30mm autocannon.


There is no version with 15 km/h of reverse speed.

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no? thats a modification, not the actual tank.

wdym “skilled players” do you realize ussr has magic ERA that takes sabot and NO spall???

the developers will solve it. They can easily make a request to the developer’s company.

There´s nothing to solve. The tank has the same transmission as T-72B3, even though the Russians have developed new things such as automatic gear shifters, they still went cheap in this aspect for T-90M. If the tranmission ever gets improved reverse speed (that could techinically been done rather simply), then we´ll see. But for the moment, T-90M only gets -4 km/h.

Can you document that there are no T-90Ms of certain releases with a different transmission? So far you’re talking without facts