T-84 Oplot: Tip of the Trident

I don’t understand these Moai level responses, what does this have to do with anything?

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why would this go into the russian tech tree?

Why do you think a tank being used to fight against russia would be in the russian tech tree? When 4 of the tanks are literally sitting in the U.S, and Ukraine being supported by the U.S ?

There is no Russian tech tree in War Thunder.
There’s a USSR tech tree, of which Ukraine was part of, with a number of Ukrainian vehicles already in.
Ukraine/Russia are equally decedents of USSR no matter what petty subjective beliefs people have.


While it’s accurate to say it’s a USSR tech tree and not a Russian tech tree it’s also kinda hard to say it doesn’t evolve into a Russian one with the more modern stuff

USSR was dissolved and obviously if you don’t start adding russian stuff it will be left behind at around 10.0
That’s why you got none-russian vehicles in the event/prem section instead of research with the exception of maybe the Praga from Czechoslovakia which was part of the USSR but later became 2 countries shortly after the USSR collapsed

Maybe it would have made sense for them all to be in the same tech-tree if Gaijin actually started adding the countries at the same time but for some reason they looked at russia and thought “yeah that’s all we need”
Or who knows, maybe Russia could be considered a sub-tree

This also raises the question of how much C&P you want in the USSR from other countries
American, Swedish, German, British and some French vehicles are all used by some of the countries that came out of the USSR
also a bit of Israel tech

And theres also those nations sub-trees or import that they have access too
At which point tech-trees are a bit redundant if you can just get everything in 1 nation

Edit 2:
Actually looking into it, Czechoslovakia was a “Satellite state” and not even part of the USSR so idk if the Praga makes more sense now or less

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Plain and simple.

A tank with a actual reverse speed, say it ain’t so!


[quote=“Hyperveloce, post:4, topic:9167, full:true”]
nah its gonna be in the thai sub-tree for japan
[/quote] but it’s made by Ukraine, used more in there too, why would it be in Japan tech tree? Ukraine only sold the tanks to them and that’s the only reason probably why it would be there

Better than Russian junk with 4 ong reverse speed for sure! 😂

The T-80s with the gas turbines have a decent reverse speed, but nothing compared to this lol

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Yeah haha, I own it, and it ok in reverse, but we want THIS kind of reverse speed 😂

Yeah, these Oplots make the French look bad

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Yes, sadly that precedent has been set. But Pakistan isnt in game, and I dont think China is due a subtree soon!

Goddamn BeNeLux coming before the Thai tree for Japan with this Oplot and more UA Vehicles.
I suppose is was easier to add, when all you have to do is reskin an F16 or so : (

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