T-80UE-1: Merging the 'BV' and the 'UD'

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T-80UE-1: Merging the ‘BV’ and the ‘UD’

FA1sT3PVcAEcUT3A T-80UE-1, a unqiue combination of the T-80BV and the T-80UD.

  • Basic Description:
    • The T-80UE-1 or Object 219AC-1, is a main battle tank that was developed and produced in Russia. It is an upgraded version of the T-80U tank, which was first introduced in the mid-1980’s. The T-80UE-1 incorporates a number of improvements over its predecessor, including enhanced armor protection, improved mobility, and a more powerful engine. The vehicle itself is a mating of retired T-80UD firing compartments/turrets and the hull of a T-80BV. One of the most noticeable improvements of the T-80UE-1 is its armor protection. The tank features composite armor inserts in the hull and turret that provides increased protection against a variety of threats, including armor-piercing rounds and anti-tank missiles. This armor system is made up of layers of ceramic and metal plates, as well as an external layer of Kontact-5 explosive reactive armor (ERA), which helps to counter the effects of shaped charge weapons. In addition to its improved armor, the T-80UE-1 also features a more powerful engine, which gives it greater mobility and speed on the battlefield. The tank is powered by a 1,250 horsepower gas turbine engine instead of the 6TD-1 1,000hp Diesel Engine found on the T-80UD, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour on flat terrain. This increased mobility makes the T-80UE-1 a highly maneuverable tank, capable of quickly responding to changing battlefield conditions however, it degrades the fuel economy found while using the 6TD-1. With the engine the vehicle is equipped with a 18kW auxiliary power unit (APU). The T-80UE-1 also features a number of advanced electronic systems, including a fire control system that allows the tank to accurately engage targets at long ranges. The tank is equipped with a modernized SLA 1A45-1 fire control system, laser rangefinder, a new “Plisa” thermal imager, and a UVP 1V216M ballistic computer, which work together to provide the tank crew with a clear picture of the battlefield and the ability to engage targets with high precision. Another key feature of the T-80UE-1 is its armament. The tank is equipped with a modernized 125mm smoothbore gun known as the 2A46M-4, which, alongside the 6EK-43-2C autoloader, is capable of firing a variety of ammunition types, including modern armor-piercing rounds like the 3BM60 APFSDS-T, programmable high-explosive shells, and gun-launched anti-tank guided missiles (GL-ATGM). The tank also features a coaxial machine gun and a remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun that comes with the T-80UD fighting compartment and differs from the T-80U, which provide additional firepower and versatility on the battlefield. Lastly the Commander utilizes the R-168 communications equipment for better battlefield situational awareness.
    • Overall, the T-80UE-1 represents a significant improvement over the original T-80 tank. Its enhanced armor protection, improved mobility, and advanced electronic systems make it a highly capable tank, capable of engaging a variety of targets on the modern battlefield. As such, it remains a key component of the Russian military’s armored forces, and is likely to remain in service for many years to come.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Main Battle Tank
    • Origin:
      • Russia
    • Armament:
      • Primary: 125mm 2A46M-4 L/48 Smoothbore Gun
        • Ammunition:
          • APFSDS-T
          • HEAT-FS
          • HE-FRAG
          • GL-ATGM
            • 9M119-series
      • Stabilizer: 2E42M1
      • Feed System:
        • 6EK43-2C 28rd-Autoloader, 45rds total.
      • Coaxial: PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun
      • Roof-mounted: NVST 12.7mm Machine Gun
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 7.085m
      • Width: 3.560m
      • Height: 2.193m
      • Weight: 46t
    • Mobility :
      • Engine: 1,250hp GTD-1250 Gas Turbine Engine
      • Max Speed: 60km/h
      • Transmission: Manual (7-forward, 1-reverse)
      • Suspension: Torsion Bar
  • Crew:
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • 8x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • ESS
    • Entrenching Blade
    • Armor:
      • Kontact-5 ERA
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: Plisa Imager (Thermal Imager)
      • Commander: PNK-4S (Night Vision Device)
      • Driver: TVNE-4O (Night Vision Device)
  • In-game :
    • This variant of T-80 will play nearly identical to the T-80UM we have in-game with the exception of coming standard with a Thermal Imaging device “Plisa” and cosmetic looks. This vehicle can be foldered with the T-80U, while giving it the 3BM60 APFSDS-T, programmable rounds, and other modern munitions to differentiate it since the modernized autoloader can accept the rounds.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 11.0
  • Sources:
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  • Imagery
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]Different views of the T-80UE-1.

The 2A46M-4 Smoothbore gun which can fire modernized rounds in conjunction with the 6EK43-2C autoloader.


Plisa SpecsThe Plisa Thermal Imaging Sight.

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Love stuff like this. +1

+1, would make a nice backup for the T-80BVM.

This or the T-80UA, which are pretty similar. As much people want the T-90M, the T-80s are much more meta ingame.


This would essentially play as a T-80U but capable of firing the 3BM60 APFSDS-T and other modern munitions thanks to its internal upgrades. I’m sure it will make it in-game at some point 🫡


+1 because it’s pretty much a T-80U with better ammunition, it’s a very nice backup (i love T-80’s)

It will probably be a 11.3br vehicle with better ammo. But I don’t think it will be added into the game since we already have 3 T-80Us in the Soviet tech tree.